AZ School Shows Political Bias Against Trump with Ban on Trump T-Shirts and MAGA Hats.

So, regardless of anyone's opinion on the president, this shows a clear political bias, not because of dress codes, but because of the reasons given.

How someone celebrates on 'USA day' (as the school calls it) should be about personal choice, and no, I'm not advocating your child wearing a swastika t-shirt to school, but since Trump isn't Hitler (despite some peoples comparisons), this was done solely for political reasons.

I wonder how maybe kids had Bernie or Hillary shirts, maybe an Obama T? Haven't heard anything about that. Most of the people who support Trump aren't racists, or homophobes, or anything else, they're Middle Americans with a healthy disdain for status quo politics.

So go ahead, and criticize the orange badger for his shitty late-night tweets, but seriously, get off the MAGA hate train, it's just one more bullshit topic dems are using to try and secure a 2020 victory, except...everything they've tried has failed, but they won't quit. People are getting tired of it.

Even the media is on the one hand, publishing stories about how Bernie Sanders raised an enormous amount of money in his first 24 hours of announcing his campaign, and on the other hand, publishing articles about how he can't win. Ever.

If you truly want to see a change in 2020, you need a clear path. A path that hinges on facts and a compelling, truthful argument. Screaming about Russia, MAGA hats, and pussy grabbing is not going to win you anything.

Despite his ridiculous tweets, and strange moves in the trade sector, the economy isn't tanking, things are still improving, and we've wasted who knows how much tax payer dollars on a snipe-hunt. This is not winning, this is showing just how insane you are for continually trotting down the same dead-end road.

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