Did Vegas Gunman Have White Privilege?

Right from the start, this is just wrong. There was an initial assumption by law enforcement that the shooter appears to have been acting alone, and no terrorist ties suspected. They are investigating, and that may change. If the media, or anyone else decides to run with that assumption, then the effects of that are on their ignorance or willingness to question.

I know I personally am keeping an open mind because nothing is known, so we wait, and gather, and compile information until an informed conclusion can be reached. The shooters skin color only matters if you are too ignorant to not think beyond such meaningless attributes. Is there a place where such an attribute is relevant in a law enforcement sense? Absolutely. Here it is currently inapplicable.

So the author 'assumes' that the whole of society agrees with law enforcements 'lone wolf' theory, and that it is because of an 'assumed' phenomenon referred to as 'white privilege'. This is not even theoretical in my book, because there is no science behind it outside of some trite social-scientific blather. If someone has evidence presented by, perhaps an evolutionary biologist, a credible and respected psychologist, or anyone with an above 130 iq who does not work for a university or a political think tank.

The author then continues to babble about how the presidents words are somehow wrong, and again it's because of the authors magic bullet of-'white privilege'. And more poorly thought out nonsense ensues.

This person is pathetic, and their poorly timed bullshit article is an affront to the victims and their families. There is nothing more to say on this because it's been made clear by those who would take such things at face value, and as fact without proof would not hear or comprehend any thought that does not meet their ultra-specific definition of truth.

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