Trump Hands Out Paper Towels - Scandal Ensues.

The news is just so funny, and people go right along with it. The crowd is wooing and ahhing as the president tosses paper towels into the crowd. You can see people smiling. The news thinks he's being foolish. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and derides the guy for a complete fucking non-issue. Day after day, the MSM, the Democrats, and sheeple everywhere spend countless hours coming up with cheap hors d'oeuvres to salivate over, while the main course remains elusive. No hard evidence of Russian collusion, rehashing the same tired tropes in the hopes that somehow it will make him look even worse than it did the last 6 times some idiot tweeted it.

It's really sad. There are real serious issues out there, but no one has anything better to do than complain about a paper towel toss. Donald Trump isn't going to suddenly become your BFF even if he enacted every progressives wet dreams, so why are you trying so hard to tear him down with tired ass bullshit when there are better things to do, life to live. So far; just like when Obama was in office, all the chicken little sky is falling doomsday hullabaloo hasn't come true, but that's OK, you keep going on about nothing at all and see how much power you reclaim during the mid-terms.

So far, the left, with it's non-issue doomsday news, and the overbearing everything Alt right, fascist, racist,sexist, whine,whine, whine, it's true because we say hoo hoo creamy, rotting horse cock drivel, has done nothing to clean up it's image after the screw Bernie scandal, and the Hillary Clinton Train wreck, and aren't going to any traction with stories about fucking paper towels.

None of you are doing a God damned thing to actually get Trump out of office, or at least ensuring you pick up some seats in 2018. You have a reality TV star with a giant orange bullseye on his head, and you can't come up with anything of substance? Anything at all? Bueller? Bueller?

Trump Paper Towels

Trump Paper Towels
Courtesy of Business Insider

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