Nazi Beef Jerky ?

This is easily the worst piece of journalism I have ever encountered. The extrapolation required to turn this ad into a plausible argument for white supremacy and Nazis is astronomically high. The author even tries to equate the muscle repairing Sasquatch to symbols of monkeys used by racists and that the mythical creatures are meant to represent slavery. 

Again, I can not find anything suggesting this is satire. If you find something let me know, otherwise enjoy this hilariously pathetic attempt by a talentless Millennial to make everything about white supremacy and Nazis. Because let's face it, in 2017, if you're not an ultra-progressive supporter of unscientific race/gender activism or a coma patient, you must be a Nazi. Because just saying 'superior genetics' makes this guy a Nazi. Oh, BTW, he's an NFL player....does he get a pass if he takes a knee?

Nazi Beef Jerky

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