Ferguson And Police Brutality – Lessons We Need To Learn

I'm angry about unchecked black crime, but just as angry about unchecked police crime. Ferguson has two lessons for America to learn.

Just outside Ferguson-large group of teenage(under 18) Black and Hispanic kids beat a white guy to death with a hammer. This probably won't garner any news attention.
It won't be the hot topic for the next month, just like the half a dozen other crime stories I've seen this week from around the country of purely brutal and inhuman actions by black youth on white people that do not get any attention from the media.

Even prominent members of the black community are standing up and saying that it's time for black America to wake up and start taking responsibility for the children that are being raised to be thug wanna be gangsters. 
It needs to stop now. Seriously.

But let me finish by saying this. Police are a protected group and we need to tear down every police organization in this country and rebuild them from the ground up and make EVERY officer responsible for the clear violations of the civil rights of individuals of ALL COLORS. In most places in this country officers have never been charged after an investigation of brutality or murder even if their is compelling and overwhelming evidence.

Video tape every police encounter. If you feel an individuals life is in danger do what is necessary to stop the police. If need be in your area form gangs of good Samaritans whose job it is to protect the citizens from the police. File lawsuits, put their crimes all over the internet, organize, demonize, and tear down corrupt law enforcement any where you see it.

Indiana even recently changed the wording of their "Castle Doctrine" to include using force against 'public servants' who try to enter your home illegally, or harm your property or family. People are waking up, perhaps not fast enough, but it's happening.

The police have become reckless and  power mad and the people of this nation are suffering for it. They work for us, this is our country, and if they can't get that into their heads then we need to force that change no matter how daunting or painful a task it might be. Police Brutality has to end, and only we can do it.

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