Battle of the Sexes Gets Real Feminist Stranglehold Complete

I saw this coming, but to speak is to be misogynistic hence this story rings truer than true. Such is life, and it’s a shame that the battle of the sexes comes down to this.

Men want to be men, and some women want men to be gay men that love them, other women just want men to be men, but the former shouts louder than the latter and so we have hipsters in tight pants and pink shirts, and men who don’t conform shouted down for being ‘normal.’ This really is a shitty country to be living in right now.

Equality must allow for for both sexes to maintain their identity, however some of the more extreme forms of feminism reject much of what constitutes a mans identity, making it criminal and relegating men who want simply to be themselves to outcast status. This is not equality.

Men who do not conform to this new ideal are not misogynistic, do not constitute a patriarchy, nor does their identity create a ‘rape’ culture. Bad people with bad intentions exist everywhere, and there are far too many factors that determine who will commit what heinous act.

To make male bravado or even the ill-thought out catcalls or late night bar comments a prime suspect in a contributing factor to female abuse or rape is nothing short of ludicrous. Saying you want to kill a cat does not make you a murderer, killing your cat does.

A man might comment on your breasts, but more than likely it is because he is lonely and feeling in need to love or perhaps coitus to make his evening complete. There needs to be the desire and the lack of moral compass in place before he would take those affections by force.

Categorizing men in such a fashion puts even the most banal aspects of relationships in a position of undue strain from the beginning. The woman constantly in fear that her man will disappoint or offend her. Then man scared that an innocent word or gesture could be twisted and distorted until his words constitute abuse and his affections violation.

This does not mean that this is the only outcome possible, but it seems that putting mental regulations on good old courtship makes it too much hassle when the best course of action is communication, empathy and mindfulness take care of these requirements just fine. Don’t assume there is a problem prior to the problem actually existing. Your hair will fall out.

I know I don’t have all the answers; some of what I say may not get to the heart of the matter, but I think it needs to be said. Men need to fight back against attacks on our manhood regardless of the current sociopolitical climate. We deserve better, but we also need to do better by women . This isn’t optional.

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