Living in the new Progressive Era

The 21st century has ushered in so many great changes and advances in all areas of science, communication, entertainment, and medicine. It does however trouble me that we have over the last 14 years become a nation so polarized, so divided, and so skittish and politically correct that it amazes me we can even function at all.

There seems to be no middle ground in the arenas of health care, abortion, women's rights, racism, sexism, gay name it, you are on one side or another; and even if you aren't taking sides, you are bombarded with the nonsense all day, every day. How is it that we are doing so little progressing in the new era of progressive politics?

If you aren't for gay marriage you are homophobic. It's an opinion on a definition of a concept that has both legal and religious ties. Having and opinion on it doesn't make you afraid of gay people. This whole argument seems to hinge on the fact that there seems to be an unspoken law that dictates that you must be an unwavering fan of homosexuality and all it entails or else you are clearly against them and therefore branded under the catch-all term if 'homophobic.' What a ridiculous sentiment.

If you think a black man screaming "kill whitey" is wrong, you are a racist because the new sentiment is that black people are incapable of being racist because they 'don't have the power'. Really? Have you heard of Barack Obama? Condoleeza Rice? Clarence Thomas? Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan are both highly influential and both are BILLIONAIRES! Black CEO's are starting to be been not just in every area of business, but in fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft , Merck, American Express, and McDonald's.

John W. Thompson is the current independent chairmen of the board of directors of Microsoft and has served as chairman of such companies as Virtual Instruments and Symanctec Corp. The list is not extensive, but it does show that the notion that black people have no power is nonsense. Sure there are millions of black who live in poverty and have no power...welcome to America. I Am a white man who is also not in the millionaires club nor do I have any power other then the lights in my apartment.

The notion that racism happens to blacks more than whites may or may not be true; but I live in a pretty diverse area and have heard a very large amount of anti-white sentiment come from the mouths of African Americans, so I find this notion hard to believe.  Also, the constant picking apart of peoples speech and actions to try and find some kind of hidden racism in seemingly innocuous things only serves to exaggerate and inflame the situation, not alleviate it.

Abortion rights activists have become especially vocal in the age of Obamacare and their arguments range from speculative to downright absurd. I have heard every kind of argument from the highly flawed 'violinist' theory to the morphing of the language to remove pro-choice to become 'women's rights' to one woman arguing on a blog about abortion claiming that 'you can't kill something that isn't even alive.' What the hell is your definition of alive lady???

Do women have a right to control their own bodies? Yes.

Do they have the right to have an abortion? Yes.

Should they have the right to kill a fully formed, sentient fetus? I don't believe so as I do not believe in the killing of sentient beings. But hey that's just me..and Buddha, and his 500 million+ followers, so there's no need to take us seriously.

Should women have the right to use abortion as a form of birth control? NO! Use a little common sense and responsibility instead of a closed mind and an open vagina.condoms, birth control, and other contraceptives are cheap and readily available in most drug and grocery stores. We can't simply ignore personal responsibility in the name of convenience. Sure, we have the freedom to do so, but we as a moral people should be opposed to such behavior.

The worst is yet to come. However, without sounding too pessimistic we are going to endure many more years of this nonsense until it is finally balanced out with reason and the eventual weariness of the public to an all too gargantuan war cry of intolerance, hatred, racism, sexism, and homophobia; when in reality most of us just want to live in peace, or be left alone, and the rest will continue to pretend that their weak words or deeds will ever give rise to the 'Old South' again and we will laugh and continue about our business in a world free of progressive diatribes that stink of hypocrisy and tired agendas.

Have we had enough intolerance? Sure, unless their is wedding cake involved
Have we had enough racism? Absolutely, unless white people are to blame
Have we had enough sexism? I guess, unless you're confused about your gender 

You get the idea. It's reaching a boiling point and the recent Ferguson protests are a prime example of Americans waking up to the ongoing issues plaguing the black community and the unwillingness of the black leadership and the media to offer solutions instead of the endless coverage of events that only seems to make matters worse.

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