$15 an hour? Minimum wage for Minimum Effort. The End of personal responsibility and the degredation of the spirit of goodwill and charity.

No offense(ok, maybe a little.) If you didn't have the ambition to finish high school, or maybe you got a GED, and you can't budget your money, and have not applied yourself to a degree where you were able to get a job better than McDonald's or Walmart, I'm sorry, but you don't deserve to make $15 dollars an hour.

I make less than that and I care for two other people and you know what? It's a struggle, but with some crafty shopping and cutting out all the frivolous purchases, we've been surviving just fine. A family of three on very tight budget and I feel pretty good.

My life is OK and if yours is not, it is not the world's fault. You must look at your choices, and find and remove the things that hinder your happiness and work towards bettering yourself, even if the betterment is internal. You lash out at others for your own failures(something I did in my youth all too often.)

You are bitter at those with money and privilege, when in reality most of them are not any happier than you are. So why is your anger directed at people who have applied themselves and worked hard to make their lives better. Shouldn't they be an example of what we can achieve if we strive for it, and not a target of misplaced rage.

Many who advocate more government spending for social welfare programs, do not give of themselves in a charitable manner. Your efforts to help should equal or exceed the level of help being provided by government agencies.(I don't mean you need to spend a billion dollars)But if the government says we will give you a hot meal and clean socks, you offer 2 hot meals and a clean shirt.

There are many food pantries and soup kitchens around. Perhaps you could help out at one, or just as important, tell people about those resources so they can utilize them to stave off hunger and find a warm, friendly environment to relax in for a time.

Give a friend in need some pocket change or offer to share your dinner with them. None of these things require a great deal of effort, and they were at one time, the spirit contained in the very least of us. Now the best of us pass the responsibility off to government machines and we ridicule charitable organizations because some of them dare to believe in God.

It saddens me deeply that we live in a world that has given up, that is willing to subject itself to tyranny and too put ambition aside so as to gain a moments rest at the bosom of the statist machine.
My only hope is that in all this madness more people will realize that just being an 'activist' doesn't make you anything more than a mouth piece. Your efforts would be better served in more action and less talk.

If you know of any truly active groups that promote charity and self-reliance, please feel free to share them with me. I will happily post links to their sites, and try and spread the word about their great efforts.

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