Take back America 2014 Battle for Liberty

In the coming months we are going to see big changes in this country. Change that we were promised by the President when he was first elected in 2008. In 2013, it's hard to imagine that this was the kind of change he was talking about. High unemployment, skyrocketing costs for food and basic goods, more government intrusion, less rights, less liberty, common core to make our children more stupid, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA illegal wiretapping, changes to the NDAA allowing the indefinite detention of US citizens for any reason and legalizing sodomy and bestiality in the United States Military, unprecedented abuse of power by law enforcement and federal agents against law-abiding citizens.

Not to mention the incomprehensible health care law that does absolutely everything the president said it wouldn't, and fines people for non-compliance all while the website that was created for it stifles or completely prevents people from doing what the law requires.

This is the America Barack Obama envisioned for us???

In the last few months I have seen shocking displays of ignorance and naivety from Lord Obama's legion of zombie dunderheads. I am frightened that I live in a country where people are genuinely happy to be forced into healthcare, happy to expand food stamps and medicaid to beyond the breaking point in the misguided notion that it's the best and only way to help people. Large swaths of people who are willing to give up their liberty and freedoms for that ounce of security.  I have heard people praying for the day when we can all live like we are supposed to in peace and harmony as Karl Marx envisioned for us.....wait. WTF????? The population of the freest nation earth espousing the failed ideals of Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, and Communism.

Our forefathers are trying to tear down the gates of heaven just to get back down here and put a stop to this insanity.

I am tired.

I am tired of an economy collapsing under the burden of over-regulation and failed Keynesian economic policies.

 I am tired of having to choose between eating healthy and eating within a budget.

I am tired of waking up every day to more and more restrictions on the things I used to take for granted. What was once an infraction, is now a felony, what was once commonplace is now considered criminal, our property is not our own, our bodies are not our own, the very air we breath and the water we drink is not our own. All of these things can be taxed, restricted, or made criminal by an overreaching Federal Government who has abandoned our founding principles over a century ago.

I want my childhood back, when things were simpler, and people more interested in living for themselves then forcing their idea of living on others.

So please take back your utopian pile of shit.

You can keep your political correctness.
You can keep your invisible racism accusations.
You can keep your feminist rape culture of lies and distortions.
You can keep your free health care.
You can keep your veiled intolerance, your violent peace movement, your candy coated world of altruistic horse shit where everything is always wonderful, and paid for by the government with free money that came from the magical tree of social welfare.

I'll take back my free market capitalism.
I'll take back my freedom of speech.
I'll take back my second amendment rights.
I'll take back the freedom and liberty that we all used to enjoy.
And soon, I have a very distinct feeling we will be taking our country back as well.

I do not care if you disagree with my perspective,I do not want to argue about what you believe to be fact or fiction, and I no longer care about your delusional ranting about some socialist wonderland.
I have decided that from now on, the only course of action is NOT to debate, NOT to persuade, NOT to work toward bipartisan solutions. I so desperately wanted to believe that we could all get along. But we can't. So the time for talk is over. The values and ideas that our forefathers set down in the constitution will be my battle map, the organized groups of freedom loving peoples my army, and the hope of a truly peaceful tomorrow my shield. This is war. Not a war of guns and tanks and planes, but of facts, and law, and justice. A war of words. A war of policies. The battlefield is Washington, DC and it begins in November of 2014.

Choose your weapons(candidates) well. The time to reclaim America from the brain dead masses of socialist ass weasels begins now.

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