Fiscal Cliff a Repeat of 1937 Roosevelt Economy ?

With the fiscal cliff looming, and only a few short days to come up with a fix, you would think that congress and the senate would be desperate to let go of the mutual animosity and try and come up with a constructive fix, and fast. I guess Harry Reid never got the memo. He went after John Boehner and congress with a vicious personal attack that really underscores the inhuman demeanor that Democratic party has taken on in the last four years. While Reid and the President are back in Washington, the house doesn't reconvene until Sunday.

Reid couldn't wait that long, and in a fit of brutally insensitive fury unleashed this gem of soulless dribble at the members of the House of Representatives:

"We are here in Washington working while the members of the House of Representatives are out watching movies and watching their kids play soccer and basketball and doing all kinds of things. They should be here," Reid said. "I can't imagine their consciences."
Yes, God forbid they spend some time with their families during Christmas. They should be in Washington sitting on their thumbs, hopelessly waiting on the Democrats to stop trying to suck our wallets dry and tank the economy yet again and come up with a plan that will put America back on the right track. probably not going to happen.

It's good to know that history is totally lost on Barack Obama and his cohorts as they try to ram through the same kind of nonsense that helped the economy nose-dive back in 1937 when Roosevelt decided that a higher tax burden was just what a struggling US economy needed. Despite cutting spending, the revenue brought in from the new taxes only had a temporary effect and as the economy sank, diminishing returns was what they were left with.

New Years is here and still no deal. I wonder if it will all be blamed on the Republicans.

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