Alleged Occupy Organizer and His Pregnant Girlfriend Arrested for Possesion of Bomb Making Materials, Terrorist Books, and Guns

Happy New Year everyone. The good folks at Occupy decided to ring in the New Year by trying to blow some mother fuckers up with bombs and guns and shit. Wow. I love how sensitive they are. 27 year old Morgan Gliedman, is the daughter of a prominent NYC doctor, and her boyfriend Aaron Green, 31-were arrected today after it was discovered they had guns, bomb making materials and a book entitled the Terrorists Encyclopedia in their Greenwich Village apartment. Aaron Green is an Occupy organizer.

The police went to the couples apartment for Gliedman was was wanted on credit card theft charges. it was then they discovered a substance known as HMTD, which is highly explosive and highly unstable. After her arrest, Gliedman went into labor and was rushed to the hospital. I don't know why this couple had the things they had in their possession, and I certainly don't understand how this girl could sanction explosives and terror manuals in her home when she is 9 months pregnant. Honestly, for the childs sake I hope her boyfriend was hiding this from her and she was not a part of it. That child doesn't deserve to grow up without it's parents. Sad, and no new years eve too.

I do hope, however that they can link this guy to a major Occupy terrorist cell so I can have an awesome laugh at their expense.

Read more at NBC News and at the DailyMail and also the Huffington Post, where they fail to mention even once Aaron Green's ties to Occupy Wall Street. Occupy spokespeople are denying any knowledge of this person and claim that the movement is too large to know everyone, and that it is impossible to say this is related to OWS in any way.

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