Venting a Little Steam on the State of our Country.

There is almost too much to talk about in the news these days. Turmoil in the Middle-East, Obamacare, DOMA, the economy, government spending, Tea Parties, Union backed teachers acting like children. The list is enormous. We really need more good news. Any good news. The government is pretty much a steaming pile of jelly incapable of doing anything useful, at least in it's current form. The stock market is up, the stock market is down. It has more highs and crashes than Charlie Sheen.

The Middle-East is rapidly falling apart. Revolts in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, get the idea. The general consensus is they want Democracy. BUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Tell me another one, I haven't laughed this hard since Tiger Woods crashed his SUV while running from  his wife. We are completely and utterly fucked. Once the dust settles, you will start to see the makings of a giant shit storm of terror and oppression. No, I'm not spouting Glenn Beck inspired diatribes of gloom and doom. But, to tell the truth...he's probably right.

Wisconsin, and other states are experiencing a backlash to their fiscal reforms, mainly from money hungry unions, and cry-baby teachers who don't know the difference between a contractual agreement and their "rights". You're rights are not being infringed upon, the state you living is canceling, or modifying your current contract and you can either A.suck it up and pay a little more for your health insurance and 401K(Like the rest of us.) Or B. Get a job working at McDonald's and STFU. P.S. If you ever try and take my kid out of school to help you protest the loss of your gold-plated benefits package, I will come down to where you are and pound each and every one of you into greasy wee spots on the pavement.

Our economic recovery is non-existent. Still far too many people out of work. Gas, food, and other essential items are climbing in price on an almost daily basis. The cost of goods and services of all kinds are becoming more expensive, and the White House says there is no inflation. By summers end, many of us will be unable to afford the costs associated with driving our cars, due mostly to the Middle-East meltdown we are currently experiencing. Yet our genius president continues to enforce his illegal, and unconstitutional drilling moratorium. You know the one a federal judge declared unconstitutional, Obama ignored, so the judge found the government in contempt, and Obama still ignored. Yeah, global warming is the cause of the price of gas. Excuse me, I need to go shovel about 18" of global warming out of  my driveway.

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