NPR Scandal. Two Schillers Resign. Media Ignores the Truth.

James O'Keefe, I'm sure you remember him. He went undercover inside Planned Parenthood and got evidence that employees were willing to help underage girls falsify documents so they can get abortions, and accept donations from racist organizations to fund the genocide of minorities.

He made big waves when he broke wide open the corruption of ACORN in an undercover video sting operation that gave America a first hand look at how liberals look at child prostitution and tax evasion. O'Keefe and his colleague Hannah Giles, dressed as a pimp and a prostitute secretly filmed ACORN employees giving them some pretty bad advice about how to scam the IRS while keeping your house full of underage, illegal immigrant prostitutes a secret so as not to hurt your political future.

O'Keefe made the news again when he and three other men weaseled their way into the offices of Senator Mary Landrieu, and tried to wire-tap her phone lines. He walked away with probation and community service for that affair.

He kept busy by getting a temporary job with the U.S. Census Bureau. His employers didn't seem to care when he told them he was getting overpaid for three and a half hours worth of work that he did not even do.

O'Keefe also made a failed attempt to lure CNN correspondent Abbie Boudreau onto a boat supposedly containing "sexually explicit props", he than planned to make suggestive comments and pretend to try and seduce her while recording the incident with hidden cameras.(Oh, well they all can't be winners.)
James O'Keefe

Now he's making some big waves again, this time two of O'Keefe's cohorts, Simon Templar(his pen name) and Shaughn Adeleye posed as Arab businessmen with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood(a known terror sponsoring group that fronts as a civil organization.)who wanted to donate 5 million dollars to NPR.

In a private meeting with then-senior vice president for fund-raising,Ron Schiller and one of his associates, Schiller is given some very leading questions. His responses are laced with anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, and anti-Tea Party statements. Most of it is the usual liberal parrot speak "Bwawk! Tea baggers are racists." "Bwawk! Tea baggers are all bible-toting Jesus Nazi's." Schiller then started to tell his two new Muslim friends how the "Jews control the media, but not at NPR."

Since this scandal broke both Ron Schiller and CEO Vivian Schiller have resigned their positions with NPR. Ron Schiller planned on taking a job with the Aspen Institute, but has ceded his position in the wake of this scandal. As usual, the main stream media has tried to spin this story, ignoring the context and focusing instead on the fact that NPR didn't take the fake 5 million dollars. I'm starting to think we should defund NPR. Let's give that money instead to James O'Keefe, and any other brave souls, few though they may be, who still have the desire to bring you the real news.

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