Paladino Slams Cuomo, Hevesi, and Rattner

FEBRUARY 25, 2011
In the 2010 New York gubernatorial debate AG Andrew Cuomo declared, “If you break the law, you will go to jail.” Well, I don’t think so.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s personal financial advisor and Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver’s fundraiser Steve Rattner bribed a relative of a state official and Henry "Hank" Morris, bagman for disgraced State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, to obtain $150 million in state pension funds for investment. Despite his admission that Rattner took the Fifth Amendment 65 times while being questioned by his office, Cuomo gave Rattner immunity from criminal prosecution to testify in the Grand Jury. In December 2010, Cuomo civilly sued Rattner. Cuomo and Rattner then created the illusion of acrimony between them to set up the press and people for the fix.
On his last day as AG, Cuomo as prosecutor, judge and jury settled with Rattner for a $10 million fine {one tenth of his annual income) and a five-year prohibition from dealing with the Comptroller, allowing him to continue to bribe other state officials. The quid pro quo appears to include Bloomberg's endorsement in the election and future considerations from Sheldon Silver.

The pay-to-play pension fund probe also snared multi-million dollar lobbyist Patricia Lynch a/k/a the "bag lady", former top aide and confidant to Sheldon Silver. Lynch bought "preferred access" to the Comptroller with gifts, favors and campaign contributions enabling her steer State Pension fund investments to her clients.

New Yorkers didn’t know Lynch was under investigation until Cuomo, again playing prosecutor, judge and jury, announced in December that he settled for a $500,000 fine and a five-year ban from dealing with the Comptroller's office allowing her to offer "gratuities" elsewhere in State Government. Shelly Silver was the first to endorse Cuomo after he announced.

For our shallow press it was a one-day story. No one questioned a process that allows one person to make such ominous decisions without scrutiny. To this day the public does not know the facts of the Lynch case.

Cuomo’s career as a fixer started at HUD when, over the objection of the HUD Inspector General, he let Andrew Farkas skate on criminal charges and jail time with a penalty equal only to the amount he stole. Cuomo’s quid pro quo was a $1 million “consulting fee” from Farkas after he left HUD.

Hevesi, the sole trustee of the $130 billion Public Employee Pension Fund, and the most trusted officer in State government took over $1 million in known bribes for investing heavily in corrupt investment firms. The investigation netted many conspirators, with Hevesi at the top of the food chain.
Needing an election boost candidate Cuomo made a plea deal where Hevesi would serve no jail time in return for his "cooperation" with prosecutors. The New York Law Journal boldly wrote: [see Paladino for the People website], and later altered on their website, that Cuomo’s Hevesi deal required no jail time. Hevesi pled guilty October 7, 2010 and awaits sentencing now scheduled for March 10, 2011.

The AGs "sentencing recommendation" and the pre-sentence probation report have not yet been submitted. This is Hevesi's second felony conviction. Considering the facts known to the general public, Hevesi, as with Hank Morris, was undercharged with an E instead of a C felony. To recommend no jail time for “cooperation” from the man at the top of the food chain is a travesty beyond comprehension. What could he possibly be cooperating with if he was the central target of the investigation? Last week Hon. Lewis Bart Stone, JSC, sentenced Hank Morris who took over $19 million in bribes to the maximum 4 years for an E-Felony. He will be out in only 16 months.

AG Schneiderman must ask Judge Stone to reject the plea and recharge Hevesi with a C felony to make an example of the man who so boldly violated the public trust and to send a clear message to other state officials who might be tempted.

Charles Rangel received a little slap on the wrist from Nancy Pelosi and then mocked Congress. Cuomo arbitrarily gave him a pass on clear evidence of fraud and income tax evasion after attending a party in Rangel’s honor and getting caught trying to sneak out the back door.

Cuomo rejected the Inspector General’s referral of the Aqueduct scandal where leaders of the State Senate and other officials took bribes. The matter embarrassed Cuomo. His revenge was swift. On January 1, 2011 he replaced the man who so bravely went after the establishment's corruption with the Deputy Attorney General who handled the Rattner, Lynch, Hevesi and Morris “deals”.

All pigs are equal but some pigs [like Rangel, Rattner, Morris, Lynch and Hevesi] are more equal than others. Why? Just connect the dots. They are complicit with the parasitic ruling class, became careless gaming the system, got caught, know too much and might weaken in the face of imprisonment and seek to spill the beans on others in the friends and family club. Cuomo fixes the deal and in return gets endorsements and money from club members at election time for keeping the boys out of jail and the establishment and status quo alive and well in Albany.

Cuomo has breached the authority of his office, his oath of office and the public trust.

Remember, "If you break the law, you will go to jail."

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