New York Tea Parties Must Unite

Unity and social networking are essential to the Liberty movements in the United States if they hope to build on their earlier successes. While it is true that most Tea Party style groups are fiercely independent and fear being placed under the banner of a larger national movement that does not carry the same 'grassroots' feel of their smaller, homegrown groups.

The problem we run into when we try to remain in our isolated camps is that we are sometimes unable to effect the level of change that we want. For example, candidate A is from Smithville. He is running for a statewide senate seat in the upcoming election. The local tea party groups in Smithville put forth an enormous amount of effort to get him elected. They perhaps correspond with a few other groups who do the same. In the end Candidate A is not elected because he could not carry enough of the counties that were largely in favor of his opponent.

These counties went to his opponent largely because their either wasn't any Tea Party support in that area, or those areas were largely unaware of the candidate. There are currently over 100 tea party groups in New York State. If the majority of these groups were given clear and detailed information about the candidate that is running, have adequate campaign materials, and are able to band together with other local groups so they can cover their own areas, and areas that have little or no support for the candidate, then they should be able to sweep across the state and give this candidate more than enough exposure to create a clearer path to victory.

Now this is of course an over simplified explanation of how the process would work, but, I wanted to try and show unity in action. This joint effort didn't require any of the groups involved to lose any part of their individual identity, but it did allow them to effectively promote a candidate in a way they would not be able to achieve had they not been unified in this one endeavor. Candidates in New York that have core American values and share the principles that we espouse need our help more than just about anywhere else in the country(except perhaps, California).

In 2010 the liberty groups across New York helped lay the framework for the future of politics in the Empire state. In 2011 and especially 2012, we need to become an unstoppable machine of real change, and elect representatives that understand how to create constitutionally sound legislation. We must remained focused, and we must put aside our egos. Only through unity can we achieve these results. It will not be easy, especially in the Democrat stronghold known as NYC, or in the areas surrounding ultra-liberal colleges like Cornell and Binghamton Universities. With a strong resolve, much planning, and a unified front, we can overwhelm New York with a surgical strike of Tea Party patriotism.

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