NY, You Should Be Ashamed!

It appears the critics have been right all along. As Michael Savage so bluntly put it "Liberalism is a mental disorder." So true Mr. Savage, so true. So it was the case this year in the Empire State. New York voters left their craniums at the door and went down to their local voting place and filled in the circle next to "Yes, I do wish to be anally violated for another four years, please." Despite Carl Paladino's brash stylings, and severe case of potty mouth, he never screwed over a whole country. Sadly, Andrew Cuomo has.
As Secretary of HUD, Cuomo promoted the practices that directly led to the housing crash that caused out economy to collapse in 2008.
During his tenure, he called for an increase in home ownership. He also pushed government-sponsored lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy more home loans issued to poor homeowners, in an attempt to end discrimination against minorities.[3] Some believe that this helped lead to the current subprime mortgage crisis.[2][3][4] Edward J. Pinto, former chief credit officer at Fannie Mae, said "they should have known the risks were large. Cuomo was pushing mortgage bankers to make loans and basically saying you have to offer a loan to everybody."
Andrew's stay at HUD cost this nation dearly. Yet, oddly enough he wasn't though yet. After a failed bid for Governor in 2002, Prince Andrew got a job as the Attorney General of New York. He wasted the people's time and money by becoming a champion of Facebook users everywhere when he declared Facebook isn't safe enough for minors. You know the 14 year olds who take half naked pictures of themselves in erotic poses and post them to their Facebook account, then wonder why creepy old men want to come over and give them some really delicious candy.

Andrew Cuomo also attacked USENET, a bulletin board style system that predates the WWW, where users form groups and discuss varying topics in said groups. USENET allows for binary encoding of files into those messages, which made some groups a haven for software pirates and child porn aficionados. So Andrew the Benevolent went after that too, causing Internet Service Providers to either limit or abandon offering USENET services all together. As a long time user of USENET for it's discussion community, I was offended to learn that I am no longer able to get a vital, and integral part of the internet as part of my internet experience from my ISP. Sure USENET is still available for free online, but if you want quality service with speed, retention, and file completion you have to pay for it.

This is of course the so-called good things he did for us as AG, but what about the accusations of corruption, bribery, and favoritism. Cuomo has not prosecuted many criminals, even though in some instances he chastises them for their nefarious deeds, yet does nothing about them, included in his list of "Get out of Jail Free"card holding members are two Democrat Politicians, Pedro Espada, and Vito Lopez.

Maggie Haberman of Politico has a neat list of Andrew's failures:
FACT: Steven Rattner was given immunity from criminal action in the pension fund kickback scandal. New York Times 1JUN10, http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/02/business/02sec.html?_r=2

FACT: Andrew Cuomo accused Pedro Espada of "siphoning money from a charity", a crime that is "especially reprehensible." Yet, there is no criminal action pending against Senator Espada; only a civil action that would entail no jail time. New York Times 20APR10, http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/20/espada-accused-of-using-nonprofit-for-personal-gain/

FACT: Assemblyman Vito Lopez has stolen millions in public funds through his patronage empire in Brooklyn. Yet Andrew Cuomo calls him 'my good friend' and has taken no action against him; because he needs the New York City Democratic machine to drive turnout. New York Daily News 5OCT10, http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2010/10/maybe-andrew-cuomo-wasnt-that.html

FACT: Andrew Farkas was caught stealing $7.6 million in HUD funds that was supposed to be used for maintenance of housing for poor people. Village Voice 29AUG06, http://www.villagevoice.com/2006-08-29/news/andrew-cuomo-s-2-million-man/

FACT: Cuomo called Farkas a 'slum lord', said the action against him was the 'biggest in HUD history', and that Farkas was 'using HUD for his personal ATM', all indisputable quotes not included in a New York Times whitewash on the subject by in-the-tank David Halbfinger. Village Voice 29AUG06, http://www.villagevoice.com/2006-08-29/news/andrew-cuomo-s-2-million-man/

FACT: Farkas was allowed by Cuomo to return less than he stole and admit no wrongdoing, permitting Farkas to go on milking HUD programs and flip his low-income housing portfolio for $910 million. Village Voice 29AUG06, http://www.villagevoice.com/2006-08-29/news/andrew-cuomo-s-2-million-man/

FACT: Farkas gave Cuomo $1.2 million after Cuomo left office, and over $900,000 in campaign contributions. In Buffalo, that's called a bribe. Village Voice 29AUG06, http://www.villagevoice.com/2006-08-29/news/andrew-cuomo-s-2-million-man/

FACT: Cuomo has announced no action in the scandal surrounding the Aqueduct Bid rigging scheme involving the Governor, the Secretary to the Governor, the Senate Temporary President, the Senate Democratic Leader, the Secretary to the Senate, a former Senator, a gaming company executive, consultant to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee Hank Sheinkopf, Governor Paterson's top aide and the chairman of the state racing and wagering board - all Democrats. These men were caught in an exhaustive investigation by State IG Joseph Fisch - why does Andrew do nothing? New York Daily News 21OCT10, http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/10/21/2010-10-21_inside_deals_secret_lobbying_marked_the_aqueduct_slot_machin
With this kind of record, only mentally deficient people would vote to make this guy their next governor. Yet, inexplicably, they did. We could even say we had a warning about the way Andrew Cuomo would run the state from the sins of his father, Mario Cuomo. One only needs to look at his handling of the state to see that his son would probably follow in his father's footsteps. We wouldn't want to disappoint daddy, now would we?

Mario Cuomo was against the death penalty. He was pro-choice. He was a strong proponent of 'Social 'Welfare'. Cuomo has even acted as a lawyer for liberal film maker Michael Moore. Let's not forget that Mario Cuomo kicked off a steady stream of cigarette taxes in his heyday, a trend that has continued today, allowing a single pack of cigarettes to reach 10 dollars in the State of New York. These prices are now the highest in the country.

Which brings me to the next topic of this article. Third time is not always 'the charm'. Elliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace after it was discovered that he was using taxpayers money to buy prostitutes, one of which worked for Notorious New York madam, Kristin Davis. Davis ran for governor this year on the 'anti-prohibition' line. She failed to win the governor's race, but did garner 22,879 votes as of today(Nov. 4th). Spitzer is replaced with his Lt. Governor, David Paterson.

Paterson, who is blind, wasted no time in admitting to the world that he had an extra-marital affair. Within a few months of him taking office, the budget deficit increased by 1.4 billions dollars, and by 2009, New York faced a budget deficit of $15 billion, and state debt approaching $55 billion. Here is a lovely list of ridiculously insane taxes that David Paterson is in favor of:
  • An "Obesity tax", which would add an extra tax of over 18% on all non diet soft drinks such as regular soda, and energy drinks[115]
  • New 4% Taxes on digital music downloads, videos and pictures downloaded or the "itax"[116]
  • A tax increase on malt-flavored beverages, beer, and wine[117]
  • A 4% tax on taxi rides, car rentals and limousine services[118]
  • A tax on movie tickets[115]
  • A new 4% 'personal services tax' on haircuts, beauty salons, health club services, and weight loss programs[119]
  • A 4% tax placed on cable and satellite TV, pay per view movies[120]
  • Additional fees for fishing, and camping[121]
  • New fees on items ranging from boilers, to explosives, to jewelry, to sporting events[122]
  • A 4 percent sales tax on clothing and shoes under $500, except for two weeks out of the year[123]
  • Additional fees on automobile purchases, registration and driving fees.[115]
  • The Ravitch Commission recommendations, which include tolls on the city-owned East River and Harlem River bridges (which has never been done before), and levy an annual driver's tax based on vehicle weight[124]

 Paterson enacted a hiring freeze in 2008, by 2009 the state had hired 8,000 new people, including 104 people making over 100,000 dollars a year. Paterson even hired a friend of his, whom he frequently partied with at New York night clubs.

By the fall of 2010 Paterson had increased the taxes on cigarettes to the highest levels in the country. Revenue 343 million less than projected, 4.9 million New Yorkers are on Medicaid, the unemployment rate is at 8.2 percent, and no good news on the horizon. The cigarette tax increases that were supposed to generate a ton of money failed to live up to the hype:

The go-to plan for cash-strapped states—an increase in the tax on cigarettes—has some holes in it. In July, the New York State cigarette tax was increased to $4.35 a pack, which becomes $5.85 when combined with the city's own levy. However, the Post reports that revenue from cigarette sales was only $125 million last month, compared to $119 million from the same month a year before—hardly equivalent to the 58% increase in tax, and barely helpful to the $9.2 billion state budget deficit.
Convenience store owners report that cigarette sales have fallen anywhere from 25-35% since the hike, and New York State only sold 28.7 million cigarette tax stamps this July, compared to 43.1 million in July of 2009. The logic of the tax is sound—that because cigarettes are addictive, consumers will have no choice but to throw down the beans no matter the price tag. Consequently, any decrease in the number of sales after a tax is usually more than made up for by the increase in revenue. But did this tax go too far?

 Now, this is the state we live in. A state ruled by Democrats, most of whom reside in New York City, who seem to care little for the rest of the state, and who have so far proven to be useless at closing budget gaps, lowering taxes, or doing much of anything useful. So what do we do? We elect another Democrat to rape..er represent us in Albany. Fantastic. I didn't think it was possible to brainwash that many people(outside of a communist country) into thinking this is a good idea. Yet here we are. About to be pounded into the dirt for another grueling four years. My greatest hope is that I can somehow find the money to move to one of the more prosperous(Republican controlled)states.

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