New Pelosi-Same as old Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the defeated former speaker of the house may not be able to rely on her own words, as it appears her own colleagues want her to to keep Obama in check, and make sure he doesn't work too closely with Republicans. While this is not surprising news, it does lend more weight to critics assertions that with the Republican majority in the House, and only five seats shy of a majority in the Senate that gridlock will ensue when the 112th Congress convenes.

After the crushing defeat the Democrats suffered on November 2nd, there were calls from the left side of the aisle espousing a new era of unity and bipartisanship. The president expressed his feelings on working with the Republicans in the new Congress, a sharp turn from two years ago when he told Republicans "I won." during a private debate on tax policy in January of 2009. Nancy Pelosi herself said just after the November elections "Democrats will strive to work with the new Republican majority to create jobs, strengthen the middle class and reduce the deficit." and in an Op-Ed piece she stated "Republicans and Democrats must work together, with President Obama, to prepare for our nation for the 21st century while creating clean energy and infrastructure jobs."

But, as a recent AP headline suggests "Pelosi's new mission: Limit Obama deals with GOP" her job, at least according to her peers, will be to stand over the president with a ruler and whack his knuckles when he tries to read any piece of legislation whose author has an (R) by their name.God forbid Obama approves of anything that the GOP is doing. In my mind Barack Obama needs to start working with his foes across the aisle, or he guarantees himself a single term as president. It is still unclear just how much influence the Democrats expect Pelosi to have over the anointed ones dealings with congress, but it is clear that she is being tapped for her past performance as a staunch taskmaster, and not because she has a sterling image with the American people.

The more that we look at the situation, we realize that nothing's changed from two years ago when Barack Obama took office giving control of all three houses to the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the stooges in Washington are committed to using their new found power to push through a slew of bills that are not good for the American people, and not good for America. Luckily two years of this nonsense cost and great awakening in the American people, we saw the rise in the Tea Party movement, and in November that energy and momentum gave control of the house back to the Republicans and put them within five seats of a majority in the Senate as well.

Obamacare, a host of new taxes, the gestapo like tactics of the TSA, and the recent crackdown of alleged counterfeit product sites across the Internet by ICE and Homeland Security even without the actual authority that would have been given to them in the COICA Bill currently in the Senate are all part of the agenda that the Democrats are ramming down the throats of the American people before they lose their power in January. I am confident that we will see more garbage like cap and trade, a possible resurgence of the fairness doctrine, and other socialist policies put on the table and hastily passed before the Obama train comes to a crashing halt next year. And running interference for the Democrats will be none other than minority leader Nancy Pelosi making sure that president Obama has limited contact with the Republicans.

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