Angry Dems Spew Hate After Election Defeat

This wretched exchange took place after Carl Paladino conceded the Governor's race to Prince Andrew Cuomo. Listen to the blathering nonsense spewing forth from the lips of lesbian lacrosse player Rachel Maddow. The rest of these clowns are just as pathetic. Oh wait, they just lost the House, quite a few senate seats, and more than a handful of Gubernatorial races across the country. I guess they went for the easy target and decided to bash Carl Paladino.

Make no mistake. Carl Paladino will return, and in 2012, the Democrats will have even more to worry about. The Tea Party is only getting started, the Democratic war machine has been castrated, and in two years, the anointed one will be vanquished. Enjoy your last few morsels of Utopia cake, because soon your dreams will be over. You have started a war against America, and the Constitution of the United States. They have rejected your socialism, your lies, and your trampling of our rights. Sleep tight, it's going to be a long bumpy ride.

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