Protest Bill Clinton's Attempt To Boost Maurice Hinchey at the Holiday Inn Ballroom 10/11/2010

Bill Clinton - yes, I took this photoImage by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr

Listen up people, this is important. Bill Clinton is making a stop off in Binghamton, NY to try and give a boost to congressman Maurice Hinchey. We need to be on top of this and try and counteract the effect. The best way to do this is to be out there on Monday and show that we protest. Bear in mind, that while the Tea Party movement is making great strides this election, it is important we do NOT give the local media any fuel which which to burn us.

If you plan on protesting outside of the venue, please try and avoid the obvious pitfalls. No racist, sexist, homophobic signs. Don't rant about communism, socialism, or government conspiracies. Conduct yourselves in a respectful manner and let's try and give George Phillips a much needed boost. Here are the event details straight from the Hinchey camp.
“October 11, 2010 at 7:00 pm, President Bill Clinton will participate in a get out the vote kick off rally for Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) at the Holiday Inn Ballroom located at 2-8 Hawley Street in Binghamton, NY. ”
“Doors will open at 6:30 for the event, which will be free and open to the public. Members of the press are invited to attend.”
President Clinton will highlight the choice voters face in the upcoming midterm elections, and emphasize the need to continue moving the country forward by electing strong Representatives like Hinchey who are fighting for middle class families – not the wealthy special interests.”
I would like to point out that Hinchey's campaign is trying to make Maurice Hinchey out to be a middle class crusader, and that he is anti-special interests. If he was any of those things his voting record would speak to that. It doesn't. So please, get your signs and your determination and let's be there to show the Democrats who the people of Central, NY support for congress. George Phillips.

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