NARAL attacks Paladino.

NARAL a pro-choice group put out a scathing video about Carl Paladino's views on Abortion. The video, which is edited to show Paladino's comments without any context whatsoever is a sad attempt to make Paladino out to be something he is not. Paladino has stated that he disagrees with abortion in all it's forms, he has also stated that he would not seek to change the current law, nor would he go against a law if the people of New York overwhelmingly supported it.
So what NARAL is saying is that, because he disagrees with their views he is evil, even though he is not actively attempting to undermine them. NARAL is telling women that Carl Paladino is going to take their reproductive rights away. This is patently false. I thought, perhaps this video would be viral by now. Luckily it isn't. The video entitled "Paladi-NO" had just 719 views. While it's even more slanderous sister video"What Paladino Wants" had 5,199 views. Hardly viral. In "What Paladino Wants" women with tears in their eyes are put in front of a mugshot board and are posing like they are being booked. The video alludes to Paladino's intention of making them all criminals.
Let me just be clear on something. I disagree with Paladino on his staunch position on abortion. However I do have my own view that I would like to share with you now. Abortion is the taking of a human life. Abortion is, however, in certain circumstances, a necessary medical procedure. I refuse to take a position against abortion in the case of rape. I could not begin to fathom the hell that would befall a mother who took on that responsibility if she was against it. My hatred lies solely with the class of women who fail at the task of personal responsibility, and use abortion as a form of birth control.
There is really no way to temper abortion law to curb "abortion as birth-control" types from abusing this procedure without risking a civil rights lawsuit. Perhaps we could initiate a sort of Anti-frequent flier miles program to stop habitual abortionists from making the trip the same way some people hit the Dunkin' Donuts drive-though. I don't think it's fair to the thousands of little boys and girls who will never get to laugh and play and discover the amazing wonders of life because mommy was a whore or because daddy couldn't keep it in his pants. But calling these types of people parents would be a disservice to good parents everywhere.
In the days proceeding the news that I was to be a father I argued for abortion. It seemed impossible to support a child financially in the current financial climate. I relented, and nine months later my life changed forever. I had never been so in awe of life and all it has to offer until I became a father. Now I can't picture my life without her. I now know why I get angry when I see videos like the ones Produced by NARAL and others. They lie to achieve their goals. The truth is abortions due to rape or incest account for only 1% of all abortions performed.(Guttmacher Institute Study 2002) So NARAL is trying to get your sympathies by not telling you that most of the rest of abortions performed in the United States were because of 'unintended' pregnancies.
Here are some facts that might scare you:
Nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion.[1] Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion.[2]
Forty percent of pregnancies among white women, 69% among blacks and 54% among Hispanics are unintended.[1]
Each year, two percent of women aged 15-44 have an abortion;[2] half have had at least one previous abortion.[6]
You can disagree with Carl Paladino's views, but do so because you listened to what he had to say and had a genuine disagreement with him, not because you were conned in to believing the distortions of groups like NARAL. For me the answer is simple. I do not know the exact moment my daughter became sentient, but I do know that from the moment she was conceived she was Una, and there can never be another like her. She is unique, and she is precious. So if you ask me If I believe abortion is the taking of a human life, I will tell you "Yes". My answer will always be "Yes."

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libhom said…
I am delighted to see NARAL stand up to a woman hater like Paladino.