Israel Settler Attacked by Mob of Stone Throwing Palestinians. Hits Two With Car as He Makes Daring Escape.

Pro-Palestinian news organizations are trying to convince people that an Israeli settler is a vicious person who ran down two children with his car. They even show still footage of the hit-and run. There are two problems with this scenario. 1. In the photos you notice the kids holding things in their hands as they surround his car. 2. When I was finally able to track down the video these photos came from I noticed that the children were not alone. They were joined by about 20 other people both young and old. This motley crew were PELTING THE GUYS CAR WITH ROCKS!

In the video it's clear this guy is being attacked by an angry mob of rock throwing thugs. He is fleeing for his life, and in the process two children(with rocks in hand) run into the path of his car. As he speeds away you can see the back window of his vehicle is smashed out.

I do not know what happened in the minutes prior to this video being shot, but like all the news that comes out of Palestine, they are trying to spin it like it's the evil Israeli's doing what they do best. Picking on the poor, pitiful Palestinian people. My P's are epic. The story goes on to add a flourish of horror filled idiocy:
 The disturbing footage also shows that one of the injured boys resisted efforts to get him into a car and to the hospital. Palestinian youngsters fear getting into strangers' cars because they have seen their friends taken away by Israeli troops on a regular basis.
Israeli intelligence and police have been accused of torturing confessions out of Palestinian children, subjecting them to sexual abuse and removing the organs of injured Palestinians.
Another source adds an interesting tidbit claiming the children had just left noon prayers at a local mosque. With rocks??? You carry handfuls of rocks to mosque??? They than say that associates of the man claim he was trying to escape a stone throwing mob. No kidding. Really?? 
Jawad Seyam, the director of the Wadi Helwa information centre, said the driver was a local settler leader in the flashpoint neighborhood, and that the children had just left noon prayers at a local mosque. He said the children were moderately injured.
The Israeli news site Ynet identified the driver as David Be'eri, who heads settler organization Elad, an organization which collects donations to "discreetly purchase property for Jews in Silwan," the site said.
Be'eri was questioned by police and released on bail, the report added.
An Israeli police spokesman was not immediately available to comment.
Associates of Be'eri were quoted in Ynet, saying he had tried to escape an ambush of stone-throwers. The sources told Ynet "He tried to escape, first by driving in reverse, but the vehicle behind him blocked his path." 
This is nothing new for Al Jazeera, or any of the Palestinian supporting news organizations in the Middle-East. And by that I mean...all of them. How can spin a guy being assaulted by a rock throwing mob into pre-meditated assault on innocent children is beyond me. I have given up trying to figure out these clowns and have resigned myself to the fact that they will always be pumping out lies and distortions about Israel and I should just laugh them off and hope Israel finds a way to secure it's place and drive off the hordes of uncivilized people who plague their borders.

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