Hinchey Attacks Reporter After Losing debate Possibly Due To Undiagnosed Alzheimer's.

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Maurice Hinchey debated challenger George Phillips recently, and it appears Mr. Hinchey's age is showing. Grandpa Hinchey has an Alzheimer's moment when asked about the federal deficit, he appears to not know what the questioner is asking him. He than goes on to give an explanation that confirms he has no idea what he's talking about.
Ed Morrisey of Hot Air sums it up best :
Instead of answering the question, Hinchey starts talking about how nice the roads are in the district — and how great it is to have 7.6% unemployment.  Not only are those non-sequiturs, they’re hardly winning campaign slogans.         Vote  Hinchey — he got us 7.6% unemployment!

After the debate, which it appears Hinchey lost with his arrogance and lack of understanding, he does a little Q&A with local reporters. This is where things get interesting. Hinchey is asked by reporter Bill Kemble
asked Hinchey about earmarks from which he had allegedly profited financially. Hinchey begins deriding Kemble, his comments degenerating into almost conspiratorial tones. He then tells Kemble to "Shut up" and proceeds to ignore him in favor of other reporters. Maurice Hinchey proves he is an eloquent speaker in this velvety verse.
“What are you talking about…Are you trying to give the same phony stuff that you put in the Freeman so many times. Are you still as deceptive as you always have been? Are still you a manipulative guy? You’re full of baloney. You’re full of baloney.”

Pretty choice, huh? we're not done yet. After the cameras are turned off, this appears to be what happened:
After the shooters turned off their cameras and started to break down, Hinchey made a beeline for Kemble and got in his face, according to a YNN videographer who was on the scene. The congressman poked Kemble in the chest aggressively, according to the YNN staffer.
I spoke with Kemble briefly this afternoon, and he told me Hinchey “put his hand on my throat” and then “realized what he had done and walked away.” The YNN shooter told me he did not witness this part of the altercation.
 Maurice Hinchey is such a stand up guy. Candidate George Phillips had this to say about the altercation.
“This isn’t an issue to me. There was a brief disturbance as reported, but it didn’t result in any physical damage. I’m very pleased with the results of the debate and I’m focused on victory in Nov.”
Hinchey's campaign more or less confirms the story, but in a such a way that my colon appears to he clouded in smoke, if you get my drift.
“Mr. Hinchey and Mr. Kemble have had a longstanding antagonistic relationship. Last night, Mr. Kemble rudely badgered Mr. Hinchey during an ongoing taped interview in an attempt to evoke a reaction,” said Liam Fitzsimmons, campaign manager for Rep. Hinchey.
“Following the taped interview, Mr. Kemble continued badgering Mr. Hinchey and took an aggressive step toward him in an attempt to provoke a further argument. Nevertheless, the congressman regrets he didn’t walk away from Mr. Kemble sooner in order to end the heated argument.”
All in all, this is good news for George Phillips, who in a recent poll was behind Hinchey 37% to 44%.  Look closely at those numbers though. An incumbent with less than 50% of the vote is considered in deep jeopardy of losing his or her seat.

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Anonymous said…
WAKE UP Ny22! Everyone who has ever lived in this district ( I lived in Saugerties) KNOWS just how corrupt Hinchey is! Saugerties is a very poor town and is scared of the “Almighty Hinchey Clan”. Mr. Hinchey has never done anything to help his district. NY 22 has a lower middle class population and has never moved up in status. I went to St. Marys of the Snow school with all of “The Hincheys” They were always arrogant and are no better today. Most of the Hincheys still live in Saugerties, however most of their classmates DO NOT. Everyone who has succeed in life have moved out of that town/ district. If NY 22 ever wants to thrive, they should vote Mr. Hinchey out of office. He finally has a worthy opponent for you to choose from! Vote Mr. Hinchey out of his Self Proclaimed Entitlement and watch how much better NY 22 becomes.