Fmr. Press & Sun Bulletin Editor Tells Tales about Paladino. Uses Liberal Playbook To Make His Article Seem Informative. Epic Fail!

More boring nonsense from the local press. Today, our lucky winner is a clown by the name of David Rossie, a retired associate editor of the Press & Sun-Bulletin. He parrots the same awe-inspiring horse squeeze that the left has been shoving down peoples throats. Like this overreaching statement.
But his vow to exercise eminent domain, should he be elected, over every structure that was touched by toxic dust from the 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center's twin towers, seems a bit loopy when you consider that the dust covered much of lower Manhattan as well as parts of New Jersey, whose officials might question the right (not to mention the sanity) of an out-of-state official so inclined. Especially when you consider that Paladino's imagined land grab was his idea to prevent the construction of a Muslim community center a couple of blocks from the Trade Center site.
I don't recall Paladino claiming he was going to use eminent domain on every 'structure that was touched by toxic dust', Just that old Burlington Coat Factory building now owned by lying, two-faced Muslim fanatic who would love to see Sharia law rule the United States. Paladino's idea of using eminent domain isn't so far fetched when you consider that our own government uses it on a regular basis to force people out of their homes and businesses so the company of the week, whose lobbyists bought off this congressman or that senator, can have their new shopping center, strip mall, low income housing development built right in the middle of town where no one wants it to be. At least Paladino's usage would be constructive.

Moving on. Rossie goes on to compare Paladino to Pastor Terry Jones, the would-be Qur'an burner in Gainseville Florida. The only reason anyone has heard of him is because when he made his now famous threat, Muslims half a world away rioted over the affair. Of course they riot over cartoons, foot washing receptacles in airports, any movie or book that criticizes them in any way, Christians, Jews, the list continues but I'm getting tired of typing. I've seen Paladino several times, and he has not once gone off on any tangents that spew hate at Muslims. He opposes one mosque, in one city in America. He has a right to.

The former editor than lays in to Paladino about his tiff with Fred Dickers, the weasel from the NY Post whose company sent pedophile reporters to the home of Paladino's 10 year old daughter so they could take pictures of her through her bedroom window. Not once, but twice! I'm sorry, Paladino was using a figure of speech, I would not have been so kind. I would have been very literal about my threat of death had someone tried that same BS with my daughter. Paladino was being generous to that slime ball.

Here's where it gets good, David Rossie now has your attention, so now he has to reel you in by doing what liberals do best. Taking a popular conservative name and adding catchy words like crackpot, loon, crazy, or screwball to the sentence. Here, the author name checks Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, Christine O'Donnell, and Sharon Angle. Wow I think you got most of the good ones. Of course he didn't mention anything specific about most of them, just that he thought they were nuts.

This is nothing new, and we should expect a lot more of this poop laden journalism before November 2nd. Anything to try and save lives in the coming slaughter as Republicans reclaim much of the House, and some of the Senate. As real people, with home made signs, who weren't paid, or bussed in from somewhere have come together to finally put this liberal death machine to bed. Their hand picked candidates are ready for the call of duty, and in this battle, no one is taking prisoners. 

So ignore these sycophants in the press. You don't need to take their word for it. The candidates that we the people have chosen will debate anyone face to face, talk to their constituents, and tell it like it is. They don't need to hide in the corner, and let the press to their dirty work.

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