David J. Pietro Rally In The Glen Interview.

David J. DiPietro
I had the pleasure of speaking with candidate David J. DiPietro at Rally In The Glen this weekend. David has the distinction of being the only candidate on the ballot this election cycle with the "Tea Party" line. While on the whole, Tea Party patriots do not want to be considered a political party, DiPietro has the support of the majority of Tea Party groups in his district, and they do not appear to be opposed to his running under the Tea Party banner.

Earlier in the season, gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino filed an objection over Nassau liability lawyer, Steve Cohn attempting to run for governor under the "Tea Party" name. He was victorious in this effort to have that Tea Party line removed from the governors race. This issue is an interesting one since most of New York's Tea Parties are not beholden to a larger statewide or countrywide organization at this point, and can technically participate in government as they so choose.
So here is the interview with David from Rally In The Glen October 2nd, 2010:

(I apologize, this is raw video footage, the editing software I am using has stopped functioning. Will edit this when I get a chance.)


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