Conservatism In The 21st Century.

I needed to write a piece to submit to, as I am attempting to become a contributing writer to that outlet. I liked the piece so much, i decided to post it here for everyone to enjoy.

We have seen through the first eight years of the new century, a shift has occurred that leads us away from the Reagan conservatism of the 1980's. This new philosophy, for the most part is more akin to liberal and centrist policies than to the ideals of great minds such as William F. Buckley Jr.,Albert Jay Nock, Willmoore Kendall, and James Burnham.

Buckley often criticized George W. Bush and described him thus "If you had a European prime minister who experienced what we’ve experienced it would be expected that he would retire or resign."He would also say of the younger Bush, "Bush is 'conservative', but he is not a 'Conservative', and that the president was not elected 'as a vessel of the conservative faith.'"

Many conservative pundits, and talk radio personalities such as Sean Hannity are calling for Conservatives to get back to their roots. Many of these prominent personalities feel that Conservatives have fallen far from the tree that birthed them, and the time has come for a drastic change in direction. Luminaries such as Newt Gingrich have given their ideals substance with projects like Larry Hunters "Contract with America" and "American Solutions for Winning the Future."

With the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, there is a renewed call from the right to make a course correction that will invigorate their base, and help to right the sinking ship of ideals piloted by Ronald Reagan some 30 years ago. If the Tea Party and 912 groups are a good indicator, than it appears the call has been heard. These usually individualistic and fiercely independent Conservatives have begun forging strong bonds and growing their numbers for a battle with the liberal agenda of Obama, and his minions.

We have already seen that these Tea Party Patriots can and do influence the course of elections, catapulting virtually unknown candidates into the spotlight and forcing them in as the designated candidate. We have seen astounding victories already such as Chris Cristie in New Jersey, and to a lesser extend in New York, where outsider Carl Paladino who trailed his opponent for the Republican nomination by a 12 point margin, stunned everyone by winning by 26 points, in a record turnout for a Republican primary in that state.

We should take these as omens of good things to come. An organized, and energized Conservative movement unlike anything we have seen is the end result of overbearing socialist policies forced upon us by a man who was once hailed as a 'messiah' by the media and his faithful. we must now seek to undo what he has wrought before it tears asunder the very foundations of which this country was founded.

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