New York Primaries Voting Guide

Here is your mission. On September 14th you need to vote in the New York Primaries. If you are a registered Republican I have a few suggestions that might make your tip to the polls a little easier.
Governor:If you are looking for our next Governor you have two choices.
1.Carl Paladino
2.Rick Lazio
My suggestion is go for the guy with the balls to get the job done. Hint, it's Carl Paladino. Ohh sorry, I made that too easy.
US Senate New York
vs. Gillibrand
1.  Joseph DioGuardi
2.David Malpass
3.Bruce Blakeman
The Tea Party groups seem to favor David Malpass. He has a really good record and is a strong candidate. Give him your support.
US Senate New York
1.Gary Berntsen
2.Jay Townsend.
This one is a no-brainer, at least for me. Berntsen has the sack to get the job done, plus he's got CIA cred, how cool is that? Jay Townsend? He has a really, really, uncomfortably creepy smile.
Congress. Here are my choices for Congressional candidates. I am a Libertarian so I also listed Libertarian candidates in case you share my beliefs. Tough choice when your a Conservative Libertarian.
There may not be a primary in your district. Check with your local board of elections before you head to the polls. If there are no names in any district it means there is wither no primary, or no conservative running in that district.  
Remember. If you have someone you would like listed, perhaps a write in candidate, or any of the assembly seats up for grabs this year which I did not go in to detail about. Perhaps you have information about a local race you would like to spread the word about. Please leave a message from the information on the about page, or leave a comment on this article.

District 1:
Chris Cox (R) - Business Consultant, Attorney, GOP Activist & Grandson of President Nixon
Chris Cantwell (Libertarian) - Computer Consultant
District 2:
John Gomez (R/IP/C) - Telecommunications Consultant & Ex-Radio Talk Show Host
District 3:
Pete King (R/IP/C)* 
Fran Becker (R) - Nassau County Legislator & Financial Planner
Dan Maloney (R) - Credit Union Treasurer & Tea Party Activist
Frank Scaturro (R/C) - Attorney, Law Professor & Author
Sean Shea (R)
Peter Zinno (R) - Retired Educator
District 5:
Liz Berney (R/Libertarian) - Attorney, Violinist & '08 Nominee
James Milano (R/C) - Physician
District 6:
Asher Taub (R) - Attorney
District 7:
Ken Reynolds (R/C) - Community Activist
District 8:
Susan Kone (R) - Attorney
District 9:
Joseph Hayon (R) - Tutoring Company Owner & GOP Activist
Bob Turner (R) - Investor, Retired Broadcasting Executive & Army Veteran
District 10:
District 11:
Cartrell Gore (C) - Realtor & '00/'08 Nominee
District 12:
District 13:
Michael Allegretti (R) - Environmenal Policy Advocate & Ex-Aide to NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg
Mike Grimm (R/C) - Businessman, Ex-FBI Agent & Gulf War Veteran
Louis Wein (R) - '90 Gov. Candidate & '00 US Sen. Candidate
Tom Venditteli (Libertarian) - Advertising Broadcast Coordinator & Musician
District 14:
Ryan Brumberg (R/Libertarian) - Management Consultant & Attorney
Tim Healy (R)
Dino Laverghetta (R/IP/Libertarian) - Attorney
District 15:
Michel Faulkner (R) - Pastor, Non-Profit Group Executive, Ex-University Administrator & Ex-Pro Football Player
District 16:
District 17:
York Kleinhandler (R/C/IP) - Businessman, Ex-Law Enforcement Officer & Army Veteran
Tony Mele (R/C) - Businessman, Security Consultant & Army Veteran
District 18:
James Russell (R) - Computer Programmer & '06/'08 Candidate
District 19:
Neil DiCarlo (R) - Wall Street Executive & Tea Party Activist
Nan Hayworth (R/IP/C) - Ophthalmologist
District 20:
Chris Gibson (R/IP/C) - Retired Army Officer & Ex-Congressional Fellow
District 21:
Ted Danz (R/C) - HVAC Contractor & Navy Veteran
District 22:
George Phillips (R/IP/C) - Teacher, Ex-Congressional Aide & '08 Nominee(VOTE FOR THIS MAN!!!)
District 23:
Matt Doheny (R/IP) - Attorney & Investment Banker
Doug Hoffman (R/C) - Accountant, Community Activist, Army Veteran & '09 Candidate
District 24:
Richard Hanna (R/IP/C) - Construction Executive & '08 Nominee
District 25:
Ann Marie Buerkle (R/IP/C) - Assistant State Attorney General, Ex-Syracuse City Councilor & Nurse
Marc Romain (Libertarian)
District 26:
Chris Lee (R/IP/C)* 
District 27:
Lenny Roberto (R/C) - Sheet Metal Manufacturing Company Owner & Navy Veteran
District 28:
Jill Rowland (R/C) - Dentist & Tea Party Activist
District 29:
Tom Reed (R/IP/C) - Ex-Corning Mayor, Attorney & Mortgage Broker
Janice Volk (R) - Radio Talk Show Host, GOP Activist & '04 Candidate
State Assembly
 I don't have the energy to make out a list, so I'll give you my pick for my district.
126th District Art Garrison. I know both Art and his Republican opponent Jason Stokes. In the interest of fairness I am set to interview Stokes in the next few days. I believe both men are trying to do the right thing, but at this time I feel that Art Garrison has shown he has the drive and the determination to get this job done.
 I may post a complete listing of Assembly and local election candidates after the primaries, but at this point, there are too many for me to deal with at the moment.

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Tucker Loechsmann said…
So the gun grabbing baby killing nevice wants to MANDATE our fuels? Aqua Volte! What part of COnstitutinonla ANARCHY don't she 'dustand? That's why she never got the Conservative nod either year.
Anonymous said…
Just FYI there is no primary in NY-29. Tom Reed is the Republican candidiate. Also Janice Volk, who did nto qualify for the ballot anyway is a farmer, not a radio host
Nobody said…
Tucker, who are you referring to??