New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox And Congressional Candidate George Phillips Speak At "Take Back New York" Rally Binghamton, New York

Take Back NY-George Phillips Rally
George PhillipsEarly this morning, the Take Back New York bus pulled in to the parking lot of the Park Diner in Binghamton, NY. The stop is one of many for the bus on it's seven county tour to highlight the campaigns of some of the GOP's top Congressional candidates. The bus will be rolling through Albany, Newburgh, Kingston, Binghamton, Owego, Corning, Olean, and Auburn.

This portion of the tour features local Congressional candidate George Phillips. Phillips, a school teacher from Endwell, NY is running against Democrat incumbent Maurice Hinchey. Hinchey has been serving New York in Albany, and Washington for 36 years. George Phillips supporters believe that Hinchey has served long enough, has become too interested in party politics, and is ignoring the will of the people.

 Town of Conklin Supervisor Debbie Preston was on-hand to talk about the challenges ahead and to introduce the speakers. 126th assembly district candidate Art Garrison spoke about his campaign and the challenges New York Faces. Garrison is an economist and owner of Family Hobby and Crafts in Vestal, NY. Art Garrison hopes to dethrone Donna Lupardo this November.

NY GOP Chairman Ed CoxGeorge Phillips took some time to talk about his opponent and really get the crowd fired up with his battle cry of "Had Enough?" Phillips campaign has been running at full steam with no signs of slowing down. Phillips opponent Maurice Hinchey, is an entrenched Democrat incumbent who so far appears to feel that his seat is not threatened. That may change in the next 39 days as more conservative candidates make huge gains in the polls against their Democrat foes.

The highlight of the day was, of course, New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox. Cox is piloting the Take Back New York bus and really making a good effort to call attention to and highlight the strong points of this new breed of GOP hopefuls running for various seats throughout New York for the mid-term elections. The crowd of enthusiastic supporters were behind Cox message and seemed pumped to do battle with pamphlets, phones, and eventually, the ballot box, to ensure a swift and decisive victory for the Republicans, and for the taxpayers of New York this November 2nd.

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