Sharpton says Glenn Beck Hijacking Civil Rights Movement

 The Reverend Al "It's Whitey's Fault!" Sharpton had some sharp words for Glenn Beck in regards to his 8/28 event. It appears the good reverend thinks that Beck is 'hijacking' the civil rights movement.
 Here is some of what al Sharpton told CBS news:
"When Dr. King and others came here in '63 to ask the government to protect the civil rights of people and the economic rights of people, they came to ask government to protect them from local states that were robbing them of economic and civil rights," said Sharpton, who is hosting a rally of his own tomorrow. "...Glenn Beck is coming here to ask government to leave us alone, so he's trying to reverse what King did and there are those of us who are not going to allow that to happen."
"They're saying 'we're talking about the honor of America,' they're saying 'we're talking about restoring dignity,' there is nothing more dignified than our country coming together and making sure that everyone has equal opportunity," said Sharpton. "That's not communism, that's really what this country is supposed to stand for and what Dr. King gave his life for."
Sharpton didn't stop there, he continued to make nonsensical arguments for bigger, more intrusive government (you know the same government that encourages minorities to stay on welfare, not get a job, make lots of babies, and complain that it's all somebodies else's fault.)
"When government stayed out of people's lives women and blacks couldn't vote," Sharpton argued. "When government stayed out of people's lives we were in the back of the bus. We need government to do what Dr. King came and asked government to do in '63 and we need government to do that now." "When you start saying you're going to reclaim the civil rights movement that's not even coded, that's a blatant attempt the highjack a movement that changed America," added Sharpton.
What the reverend Al Sharpton is really saying is that he is upset that some black people have stopped listening to his horsesqueeze and are finally standing up for themselves, taking control of their lives, oh and, he's fuming mad that Dr. Alveda King decided to speak at Glenn's rally. Although it appears Sharpton forgot to invite her. Dr. Alveda King Responds to Sharpton's BS with a message to her friends and supporters.
“Friends, I need your help this morning! Call in to Local radio stations across America, especially those popular with young listeners and gospel stations. Call the African American Radio talk show hosts. Email them too! Blog about this please! They are are saying that I am against Rev. Al Sharpton’s March. I’m not. I am simply speaking at another Rally. Glenn Beck invited me to his Rally. Rev. Sharpton did not invite me to his March. Glenn booked the Lincoln Memorial for his Rally long before Rev. Sharpton even announced his March. If the Lincoln Memorial was so important for Rev. Sharpton, why didn’t he book it before Glenn did? I didn’t say that my Uncle, Dr. King would not go to Rev. Shaprton’s March. What I said is that Martin Luther King, Jr. would like to see unity tomorrow, and that even when we disagree with someone, we must have faith, hope and love for a better tomorrow. I am speaking at the Glenn Beck Rally about faith, hope, love and honor. The NAACP and some other African Americans are saying that Alveda King is hijacking the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. I am saying that as Dr. King’s blood relative,I have a dream, it’s in my genes. How can I hijack myself?
 So there you have it, the divisive, racially motivated, hate filled antics of Al Sharpton once again proving that his only goal is to sow the seeds of self-imposed segregation, anti-white sentiment, and all around race-baiting hysterics that he is known for. Please retire, Al. We can't listen to your lies anymore. you are a straight up race pimp, and hopefully people are starting to realize it.
You could be out giving words of encouragement to black youth, you could be spending your time calling for an end to black violence, an end to black on black crime, black on white crime, you could maybe build a school in the ghetto and help underprivileged kids get a solid education. I could spend hours on the things that you should be doing, I could spend even more time on the things you are doing wrong.

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