Carl Paladino For Governor Of New York. The People's Candidate Continues To Gain Momentum Toward The November Elections.

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A few months ago, if you asked the average New Yorker who Carl Paladino was, they'd probably look at you funny. Now it appears that this Buffalo business man might just be the next Governor of New York. The same impossible odds that led to a Republican sitting in Ted Kennedy's old senate seat in Massachusetts. Or a Republican reclaiming the Governor's mansion in New Jersey might be the same energy that leads Carl Paladino to Albany in November.

Paladino is the CEO of the Ellicott Development Company, a property management, leasing and development firm.With over 1,500,000 square feet of office space in Downtown Buffalo, and over 1,000,000 square feet of retail space in New York and Pennsylvania, three huge hotels in the western part of New York, let's not forget the 550,000 sq. ft. of residential apartments, condominiums and townhouses in the Buffalo/Niagara region. The company he runs is sitting on around 500 million in assets, Paladino himself is worth about 150 million. He's also a partner in a law firm. This is one busy guy.

He's not letting his success, or his schedule slow him down. Paladino is canvassing New York with a vengeance, and despite his lack of credentials in the world of politics, he is gaining ground and doing it his way. After being cut short by the RNC, and losing the conservative line to Republican Rick Lazio, he skipped the RNC convention all together and has been bringing his message directly to the people. He spent two weeks on the Erie Canal seeing upstate New York and connecting with the residents there. Paladino is also a pretty humble guy, he has made appearances twice in my home town area. Once at a park to a small, but enthusiastic crowd, and again a of couple weeks later, speaking with Senator Tom Libous at Brother's Two Restaurant in Endwell, NY to a crowd of around 85 people.

 Paladino weathered some controversy earlier in his campaign, and is now edging out Lazio in a recent Rasmussen-New York Gubernatorial Poll.
Some of Carl Paladino's former foes and detractors are suddenly lining up to be his buddy, and even Tom Libous who cautiously avoided throwing his support to Paladino just a few weeks ago has decided to back the rogue Buffalo businessman. Other notables backing Paladino include Chris Cox, whose father Ed Cox fought to keep Paladino off the ballot and even tried to block him from speaking at the party's June nominating convention. Even minority leader Dean Skelos is giving his nod to the Maverick candidate from Buffalo.

People across the state, and particularly Tea Party groups are all very excited about the new "Taxpayer Party" Line that Paladino has founded. Some believe it can be an alternative to running under the "Conservative" Line, with a small number saying it could evolve into a viable 'third party' something that most people are convinced is an impossibility, given the implication that it could be a constant vote-splitter ensuring that neither the 'Conservative' Republican or the 'Taxpayer' Republican wins any elections.

I am up in the air on the concept of a third party, however I have seen the enthusiasm of the fledgling patriots standing up across New York, and I have seen the slow, but steady rise to prominence of the outsider candidate Carl Paladino, and I coming to realize that with enough fire and determination Paladino and his Tea Party backers might blaze a new trail across the annuls of political history. I have met Carl, heard his words, and I am proud to know this man. He is genuine, and honest. He seems determined to win over the skeptics, and if the road most traveled isn't open to him, he will forge his own path to the top, a trait that has already made him a successful real estate developer, business owner, and law partner.

New York is in trouble. We are the most taxed state in the country right now, yet we are broke, and the economy is getting worse by the day. The Democrats in office have done little to alleviate the suffering, and have instead chosen to try and tax the life out of small groups of New Yorkers like smokers, by levying insane taxes on cigarettes. Governor David Patterson even wants to put a tax on soda because he says, it makes you fat.

Carl Paladino is not a politician. He doesn't need the money of special interests. He doesn't need a new career in politics. He does, however want to bring New York back from the brink of disaster, and spread some hope across this once great state.
This November vote for Carl Paladino. Vote "Taxpayer Party" Line, and most of all vote to save New York.

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