Gary Berntsen George Phillips Spiedie Fest Group Photos

Last weekends Spiedie Fest was a great opportunity for candidates to get out and meet the people. With such a large crowd, it was easy to walk about and talk to folks, or just sit by your tent and let them come to you. This years election cycle in New York is as critical as it gets. The Democrats have run the states economy in to the ground, they have raised taxes, taxed smokers to unreasonable levels, and Governor Patterson has tried to tax everything from Soda to iTunes downloads. It's apparent that Democrats simply do not care about people, they care about money. Not for the state mind you, for themselves.
Things are changing in New York. People are waking up and realizing their elected representatives have failed them. They are sick and tired of the oppressive nature of New York politics, and they want it to stop. Thousands are flocking to Tea Party events all over the state and many of them are out there everyday getting petition signatures, passing out literature, talking to their friends, family, neighbors, anyone who will listen. The message needs to be heard now more than ever. While I recover from a bad sinus infection I wanted to at least try and post some more photos from Spiedie Fest.
I've decided to post some groups shots of the people who made the event a good one. So here goes nothing.

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