Beat Whitey Night At Iowa Fair. Black Mob Attacks White People For Fun.

Des Moines police are investigating a string of attacks at the Iowa State Fair, and say they may be racially motivated.
Police say in the latest attack on the fair's final night, Sunday, 30 to 40 teens roamed the fairgrounds looking for trouble.
Some teens had been yelling, "It's beat whitey night."
Wow. Sounds like a load of fun. I never pictured Iowa as a haven for racist black people. Perhaps they got bored of beating each other up in the east and west coast cities and decided to move inland. I understand being bored on a Saturday night and wanting to raise some hell, but going to the fair, threatening to and than  carrying out assaults on random white people and than beating up the cops who try to stop you?
I'm sorry when the police woman in this first video here says she's not sure this was racially motivated, and that they were investigation I about had burst a blood vessel. Watch the Drinking With Bob video below that to get a good idea of where i was after seeing this load of nonsense.
This is a racially motivated attack. Period. This is blatant white hatred by black people and it is despicable. This nonsense needs to stop, and it need to stop now. I know that Jesse Jackson and the Irreverend Al Sharpton won't condemn this attack. The NAACP will probably blame the whole thing on white Iowa farmers oppressing black people at the fair by not singing rap songs and serving Colt 45 at the concession stand. Sorry I don't see Faith Hill doing an auto-tuned duet with T.I. anytime soon, and everyone knows white people drink only Bud, Coors, and Pabst Blue Ribbon when at the fair in Iowa.
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