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Justice Department Sues Arizona, Again. This Time For Simply Asking Non-Residents To Show Their Green Card.
Sharpton says Glenn Beck Hijacking Civil Rights Movement
Beat Whitey Night At Iowa Fair. Black Mob Attacks White People For Fun.
State Dept. Confirms Obama Is A Dual Citizen
Gary Berntsen  For U.S. Senate in New York
Michael Bloomberg Slams Native Americans On Radio Program. Seneca Nation Wants Him To Resign Over "Cowboy Hat And Shotgun" Remark. Bloomberg Refuses To Apologize.
Nathan Daschle Executive Director Of The DGA calls On Fox News To Run A Disclaimer On Their Show Because News Corp. Donated 1 Million to the RGA.
Carl Paladino For Governor Of New York. The People's Candidate Continues To Gain Momentum Toward The November Elections.
Gary Berntsen George Phillips Spiedie Fest Group Photos
George Phillips Gary Bernsten At Spiedie Fest 2010
Maurice Hinchey On Social Security. Blames Republicans For State of Ailing Democrat Program.
Basil Marceaux Madness Continues
George Phillips Congressional Candidate Speaking at Tea Party Event in Endwell, NY