Thoughts On The November Mid-Term Elections.


This upcoming mid-term election cycle is going to be very important. New faces, powered by the Tea Party Movement, and old enemies, powered by Socialist rhetoric and the majority in two branches of the government, plus a puppet dictator in the Executive branch.

I have seen first hand what the spirit of the Tea Party Movement can do first hand, and it is inspiring to me. I am witnessing regular people, from all walks of life, coming together to help shape the country that they love so much. I have not seen the violent,racist mob that the liberals keep telling me make up the bulk of the Tea Party Patriots, nor have I witnessed the awesome power they command, derived from their Republican/big oil overlords...another liberal myth.

I have seen human beings, tired of being taken advantage of, tired of being taxed too much, who; with little money, and less experience in the political arena, are engaging their candidates, collecting signatures, hosting public events, and rallying the people for the coming mid-term elections.

Barack Obama and the Liberal elite have awakened a sleeping giant, the American people. Some of these same souls have been silent all their lives. Now, for the first time they are active, and passionate participants in the political process of the greatest nation on earth. Most of us take for granted the act of voting, some don't even bother, but since the turn of the century each successive election has set records for voter turnout. Now with the advent of the Tea Party Movement, conservative Americans have a viable alternative to the corrupt "grassroots" movements on the left such as ACORN. This November might be one of the most important in our lifetimes, let's make it count. Get angry, get involved, get our government back.

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