Michael Steele and Lindsey Graham Lose Their Way. Vote Them Out!

Michael Steele

Republican idiocy seems to come in twos. I commented during the Haiti Earthquake about Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson both making asses of themselves for their insensitive, politicized comments during that tragedy. Now it's happening again and this time it's just plain dumb. Michael Steele this week sounded like a liberal who thought George Bush was still in office when he opined "This is a war of Obama's Choosing." and that Afghanistan was a war  "which the United States never really wanted to engage in." Lindsey Graham, who apparently wants to lose his senate seat made a statement in which he derides the Tea Party movement as "a fad" and ultimately "unsustainable."

Lindsey Graham
Now, Michael Steele, the RNC Chairman, should know better. He has criticized members of his own party in the past for such poorly worded diatribes. If you remember some months back, Steele went after a local Republican group, after it posted pictures of Obama, Pelosi, and others as evil characters from comics and movies, most notably Obama as the joker. Now, it seems, Steele has completely lost his mind and decided that supporting our troops is no longer a viable option, and the best course of action would be to politicize the war in Afghanistan, just to add more fuel to the fires of discontent with President Obama. This shows a complete disconnect with his voter base, and his peers. Some of those peers are calling for his resignation.

Which brings us to Lindsey Graham. Here is a man who clearly is out of touch with the voters. The Tea Party movement has become a firestorm of disenchanted citizens who clearly want a change in Washington, and are willing to fight to get it. In recent weeks we have seen numerous candidates for Congress, and the Senate get the nomination, despite having little political experience, and in some cases, without their own parties support, simply because they have a Tea Party endorsement, or an endorsement from a Tea Party luminary like Sarah Palin. Dear Lindsey, Start packing! You are probably going to be dropped like a hot potato next election cycle, so think about your retirement plans now. Michael Steele might want to consider his options as well.

The political landscape is changing rapidly. A new level of consciousness is arising in the average voter. They are more passionate, more informed, and more willing than ever to take action to see that real 'change' comes to Washington. Regardless of your party affiliation you are not safe from criticism, not safe from being ejected from your seat by this newly enlightened voter base. The very fact that business men and women, former CEO's, and even an unemployed veteran looking for a Democratic nomination were the one's chosen by the people to represent them. Which was the way Washington used to run, before our Republic became infested with money loving, special interest pandering career politicians.

Ignorance and slips of the tongue used to be forgivable. But right now, the people are demanding perfection. Why? Because each day more people are getting laid off, those who have been unemployed for months are losing their unemployment benefits with no hope of an extension, and no hope of finding work in sight. The government is making promises it can not keep, and short changing us on the one's they do. We are spending money at record levels, yet the situation is not improving, regardless of what the White House or the MSM say. Those of us on the streets are seeing the devastation first hand. We are living in this economy, and we are hurting.

It's time to wake up America. Time to get out their and do your part to help. Let's get this country back on track so our children don't grow up in an America that looks like a third-world country, or a science fiction post apocalyptic nightmare ala Mad Max. We can do it, and the folks in the trenches like the Tea Party Protesters are proving every day, that this is of the people, by the people, for the people.

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