Tea Party Billboard in Iowa Depicts Obama alongside Hitler and Lenin.

UPI is reporting that in Mason City, Iowa, a local Tea Party group put up a billboard with a picture of Barack Obama, Adolph Hitler, and Vladimir Lennon.

The billboard which was bought by the North Iowa Tea Party, was quickly covered up by the group.
 One Iowa Tea Party member said the billboard crossed a dangerous line. "At our last rally we saw some people with these kinds of signs and asked people to put them down," John White, coordinator of the Iowa Tea Party movement said. "It's borderline hate crime." Members of the North Iowa Tea Party either declined to speak or did not return calls to Television and Newspaper outlets on Monday. The group officially apologized for their billboard on Wednesday. UPI is reporting that in Mason City, Iowa, a local Tea Party group put up a billboard with a picture of Barack Obama, Adolph Hitler, and Vladimir Lennon.

 The North Iowa Tea Party's Co-Chairman Bob Johnson commented. "The image of Hitler just totally wiped everything else and it misrepresents the Tea Party movement," "They were right from the standpoint that the image was not a positive reflection on the tea people." One group was quite relieved that the billboard was taken down the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants. They told the New York Daily News
The Tea Party chapter "acted properly in removing the grotesquely offensive sign which should never have been put up in the first place," the group said in a statement. "We ask that political groups do not trivialize our suffering in the future by making false analogies with Hitler's horrendous crimes." 
I will be more than happy to give them that message once the millions of Americans, British, Polish, German, Russian, etc that lost their lives during WWII come back from the dead and are removed from the roster of those that lost their lives at the hands of an evil dictator. Yes, Hitler did target Jews, but most of the free world    suffered at the hands of this lunatic, and as an American whose relatives fought and died in that war, it is my duty to inform you that we all have the right to be mad at Hitler, and use his ugly face as a tool to show people what evil really looks like. I am deeply sorry for your pain, but the analogy is valid, so your banal statement makes you look like you are really saying it because you vote Democrat, and not because you were really upset about the billboard.

 I would like to be the first to say " I love you North Iowa Tea Party!" This is an amazingly fun sign. The stark reality of it all is this...statements made by Barack Obama closely parallel statements made by these two madmen, and we all know how there stories turned out. Barack Obama is for all intents and purposes the Democrats "golden negro". He has almost no political experience, his decisions on policy, and foreign relations so far have been disastrous, and the general public is starting to wake up and turn against this once shining lieght of hope. It has become painfully clear that this man was elected based solely on the color of his skin, and not on his merits. The most painful truth is the fact that it was black Americans that help elect him. He is the greatest triumph of the Democratic party. The first black president. The only problem with their great messiah is that he is an utter failure.

Is this billboard going to far? No. Is it controversial? Yes. Do I give a rats ass? Not one bit. It was all the rage when Bush was in office to wear shirts that said "Not My President." with a picture of Bush below the catch phrase. I need one of those T-shirts now for this man. Has he committed genocide against the jews? Not yet. Killed 20 million dissenters? Not that I can see. The point of this billboard, which is also my point, is that the path this man has taken, is the same path that led to Auschwitz, and the Tyranny under Stalin that led to the mass graves in Bykivnia, Kurapaty, Butovo, Sandarmokh, Kiev, Uman', Bila Tserkva, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr. People are starting to realize the truth and are taking a stand against it.

The protest groups, and the Tea Party in particular, are made up of "Awake" Americans. Those who have shaken off the fog of complacency and are ready to do battle with the most corrupt government in our nations great history. Most of what we are seeing in Washington today is not blatant. It is very subtle, but no less dangerous. The expansion of the government though far-reaching, and expensive new government programs, new 'Czars' to help micromanage every aspect of the lives of Americans, and especially businesses, big and small. In Germany in the months preceding World War II, the subtle language of the Nazi party became a firestorm of pure evil. It didn't take long for the Nazi's to take the unassuming changes they had enacted and turn them in to weapons of total domination. The same thing could happen here in America.

My greatest hope is that in November, the stranglehold the Democrats have on this country will be broken as they lose their majority in the House and possibly the Senate as well. It will be through the hard work of the Teat Party protesters and other groups like them such as the 9/12 movement ,Americans for Prosperity,  Americans for Tax Reform, FreedomWorks and Citizens United that will help turn the tide. Despite what the Democrats, the NAACP, and other liberal groups might claim, these groups are made up of real Americans organizing to help shape the political landscape. All the rhetoric, slander, and nonsensical accusations in the world will not derail this train. This train is being conducted by true patriots, and they will not be derailed by the hate filled lies of the liberal zombies who feel threatened by a populace they can no longer manipulate and control.

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Anonymous said…
I do not have a problem with the billboard. It's call Freedom of Speech, but the mainstream media will make a big deal out of it although Pelosi can call us "anti-American" just for disagreeing with her.

Enough of federal tyranny & the rantings of both political parties. I can only recommend you just read that new book about a small town of Americans who stand up to high taxes, contintual foreign wars & bureaucrats crossing the land to harass the people. It's a great read cause it could be our home town one day & us taking a stand.