Ieshuh Griffin:Not The White Man's Bitch

Ieshuh Griffin is a candidate for state office in Wisconsin, and she has a message for the voters. Ieshuh wants you to know that she is "NOT the white man's bitch".
Ieshuh even wanted that to be the slogan under her name on the ballot.  "Its not racist, its not a slur...its not pointed to a particular person, in my point of view the average politician is a token" Griffin says. The state's Government Accountability Board said no, and now Griffin is suing.  She says her "freedom of expression" is being "suppressed".  A spokesperson for GAB, Reid Magney says Griffin was denied because "Staff determined that her language used on her declaration of candidacy is pejorative in nature and does not satisfy the requirements of Wisconsin statutes".
Griffin, an Independent candidate, is running against State Representative Annette "Polly" Williams, who is retiring after 30 years in office.

According to an article on Fox News "Live Shots" There are more racially motivated words from the candidate on a blog site.
On a blog, which says its paid for by "The Poor People's Piece of the Pie Campaign",  a statement attributed to Griffin is posted saying "There currently in-depth corruption within our government... SLAVERY, yes SLAVERY has returned in almost every aspect except name".
Here's a link to the hearing where Griffin testified before the GAB:

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Anonymous said…
I heard her do a talk show interview tonight if you want more info: ... Pretty interesting!