Tea Party Member Tells Carl PaladinoDon't Quit! Run On TheTaxpayer Line.

By Al Belardinelli

Carl Paladino is what he has always said he is - not what he said on NY1's "Inside City Hall" on Wednesday.

When I first read the news I was shocked. Then I rethought it and realized there may be good reasons why Carl would make the statement that he would quit if he doesn’t win the republican primary. As you can see my head began swirling. Over all I was disappointed.

When I get the chance this is what I will say to Carl – face to face.

I would say: Carl, we spent time together. You came to several of my events. I trust you and will support you – you are New York’s only hope. I consider you my friend and friends share truth so, with that, I say, you told me you were mad as hell and won’t take it anymore. You
said, I will run for Governor on the republican and conservative ballot, if they won’t have me I’ll form a new party and run on that. I will not quit until the end. But now you say, if you lose the primary you will quit.

You can’t do that Sir.

In my opinion your integrity means more than whether Cuomo wins. Your values mean more than allowing Lazio to win without you trying to stop another wrong republican choice to rule over us. Does McCain ring a bell? Will Lazio sweep corruption from New York? – NO. So, will it
really make much of a difference whether Lazio or Cuomo were Governor – NO. You are the people’s choice – you can’t split the vote. If anyone splits the vote – it’s the Republicans and Conservatives (whose only goal is to win elections and keep pulling the same old crap).

Don’t fall for the same old political tricks. Don’t sell your soul to the Republicans. Don't let Mike Long up from this beating before he is vanquished. Repeat after me, “I’m Mad As Hell And WON”T Take It Anymore. I didn’t mean to say I will quit, because I won’t. I’m in this race until I win or it is over after a recount of votes in November. I am a true New Yorker – not a politician."

New Yorkers know success is in the try and if at first you don’t succeed you try try again. The try began with Perot and many followed and suffered the same loss. This time a true New Yorker will make it work. Running on principals, logic and selflessness cannot be a simply a vote splitter or a spoiler helping the other guy win.

New York is waking up – we need you to slap them into truly awakening to the fact that sticking to principals is more important than worrying about splitting the vote and silly nonsense that goes along with that illogical thinking.

I hope you will say and do the right thing because besides you being Governor the most important thing there is right now is that, right here – right now, the Tax Payer Party – the party of “We The People” is born.

This week I held a news conference to unveil a plan for the Taxpayers Party. I believe this is the only true hope for New York and America.

    Needless to say, after your comments on NY1 this suddenly developed into a difficult week. Phone calls of all sorts coming in. Tea Party members are disappointed; Republican and Conservative bosses are pleased. But all are wondering why you made the statement – especially at this time.

    We firmly and undeniably support the Taxpayers line and maintaining that ballot position into future elections. I strongly believe a new party is the only hope New York and America has. You, my friend must establish the Taxpayers Party and with it save New York and America.

    I am mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore - I’ve had enough and I won’t quit.  Don't you quit either, Carl.

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