Basil Marceaux For Governor Of Tennessee. We Are All Doomed.

Seriously? This could be the one draw back of the Tea Party movement. Everybody wants to be a politician now, to you know, bring real change to Washington, or some such. Unfortunately, you also get guys like Basil Marceau, who for lack of a better word is' mentally challenged'. He is running under the Republican Banner. I am so glad I am a Libertarian. No offense to all my Republican friends, but this years election is about 'conservative values' and 'conservative' candidates, the fact that most will be running under a Republican banner is inconsequential.

I would willingly support any candidate who shares my values, who will go to Washington, get the job done, and leave before he becomes another punk taking money from special interests. I approve of hard working Americans taking a stand, and getting involved in politics. However, unless you are 100% sure of your skills in the political area, please don't step in the ring with your pants around your ankles. It makes you look bad, your party look bad, and most of all, if you are a conservative candidate, it gives more fuel to the liberal blogosphere.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you're new galactic overlord, High Exalted Chief Overseer Basil Marceaux dot com of Tennessee. All bow and make whoopie noises and get murdered and go to jail. Grow grass in your lot and sell it for gas....or else!

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Anonymous said…
Your grammar is atrocious! You would do well to look into the difference between "your" and "you're" for starters. Next, you might want to investigate the location and duties of your Governor--it's a state thing, they don't shuffle off to Washington to get anything done for you.
Yes Basil is a jackended malaprop, but elevate your writing so that it doesn't detract from the quality of your argument.
Happy to not live in Tennessee!
Nobody said…
My sincerest apologies kind sir. It appears that this is what happens when one attempts to formulate a thought so late in the evening. Perhaps you would care to be my grammatical knight in shining armor.

If one will notice I ended the sentence about going to Washington with "or some such" which could mean something other than a desire to go to Washington.

Jackended malaprop? jackended is no word I have ever heard of, (malaprop might be a butchery of malapropism?)except perhaps in one of those Shakespearean insult generators, coupled with malaprop? is actually funny, considering you may have meant a completely different word and would have committed a malapropism by using the term 'jackended'.

Basil Marceaux could certainly be called out for using malapropisms, but hey, he is a mental deficient.

Again I apologize for using You're incorrectly. I will try to use fewer contractions in the future.