Obama Wants 15 Million For New Commission To Investigate BP Oil Spill

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CNN is reporting that the president wants 15 million dollars to form a special commission to investigate the oil spill. This will take time and in effect to nothing to speed the cleanup of said oil spill. President Obama has already turned down aid from at least 13 countries, including the Dutch, who had ships outfitted with skimmers that would have cleaned up the oil quite nicely.
*Update*(June 17th)President Barack Obama, after 54 days of indecision has finally accepted the aid of the Dutch.

Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama on Wednesday asked Congress for $15 million in emergency funding for the new national commission investigating the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. "The Administration asked Congress to consider an emergency budget amendment of $15 million for the Department of Energy to fund the activities of that commission," an administration official told CNN on condition of not being identified. "This amendment would fund necessary expenses, including personnel costs, authorized travel, research and investigation costs, reimbursement to federal agencies for operational and logistical support, and other costs in carrying out the mandate of the commission," the official said. The seven-member commission will report back by the end of the year on the causes of the disaster, as well as "options for safety and environmental precautions necessary to prevent a similar disaster from happening again," Obama wrote in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requesting the funds.

We don't need another commission, board, group, council, or any other name you can put on a waste of resources. You can use FEMA to investigate this, because well, that's their job. According to FEMA's website they specialize in: Disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, education, and references. Sounds like they might be qualified to investigate this 'disaster' and to 'mitigate' it quite nicely. Instead our president wants to make a new commission to do FEMA's job. It would probably cost the same amount of money to have FEMA assemble a team of experts, have them investigate, and report back to the president on this.

I'd like to point out that this is simply another attempt by our president to look pro-active in the face of a complete and utter failure on the part of the Federal Government to do anything useful while Billions of dollars of damage are done, industry and tourism are destroyed ,and untold natural habitats are wiped out. When someone tells you they can prevent the destruction of habitat by using a simple device to stop the oil, and your response is you need to investigate the environmental impact of the device on said habitat, you are a moron. That is just what the president did when Governor of LA, Bobby Jindal asked for permission to use booms to stop the oil from invading the Louisiana coastline. Now the ecosystem there is being destroyed.

Since the Obama Administration turned down assistance from The Netherlands at least 125 miles of Louisiana coastline has been ruined by the BP oil spill. Tar blobs began washing up on Florida’s white sand beaches near Pensacola days ago. And, crude oil has also been reported along barrier islands in Alabama and Mississippi.

This, along with a host of other missed opportunities and outright failures of reason on the part of President Obama are the reason people are so upset. People are now even taking matters in their own hands to be prepared for future disasters that our government will fail to address properly. Check out this article on PRWEB for details.

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