Bob Dobes:Scared of the Tea Party

Apparently, being mentally deficient is an art from in Santa Rosa Beach.
A gentleman calling himself Bob Dobes wrote a letter to the Editor in a recent edition of the Walton Sun. In it he describes an archeological discovery on Easter Island. Here is a snippet of that article.

This suggests a discovery similar to the Rosetta Stone. When translated, the unnamed log described a culture obsessed with the fear that an unknown neighbor would infringe upon their land and culture.....

....The scripture ended with the phrase "Irrational Fear Robed Us Of Our Morality".
Upon completion of this translation one scientist exclaimed, "My Lord, we have discovered the cultural origin of the Libertarian Tea Party."
Wow Bob. Thanks for being a complete and totally ignorant douche. We love you for your insight.
I also came across another article in which Mr. Dobes appears where he makes an even more illogical and lame brained statement.

Bob Dobes of Santa Rosa Beach said taking oil from local waters would not help Floridians at the gas pump; it would help corporations based elsewhere.
“We’ll be buying back our own oil at a premium price,” Dobes said.

Thanks for you insight, Bob. Now go take your meds and get back in the padded room.

I love how Bob tries to claim that Tea Partiers are irrational, and fear mongering by making irrational and fearful statements about them.

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