7th grader suspended for wearing rosary beads

I am in awe of the magnanimous stupidity of the Schenectady school district. To tell a 7th grader, who is wearing his rosary beads in honor of the death of his brother and uncle that he can not wear his beads because they might be considered 'gang' related is just about the most asinine thing I have ever heard. What if gang members started wearing traditional Muslim symbols to 'identify' themselves? Who would the one to ban those symbols? I don't think anyone would have the guts.

Regardless of what these school officials have written in their 'code of conduct' book, it is an affront to all Christians, and to all thinking Americans when a school attempts to ban the most recognizable religious symbol in the world, the crucifix as a possible 'gang' symbol. I'm sure there are plenty of Christian gang members, but I have never heard of any gangs who specifically use that symbol as their one and only identifier.

There has always been a fine line between dress codes and free speech, but there is a world of difference between wearing a t-shirt that says "Kill all the (Insert race or religion here)" and a boy who is wearing a rosary. The ACLJ(Not the ACLU, they suck) are taking this school to court over this issue. Now for the part that makes this a super FAIL! This same school has been sued and had to pay monetary restitution over this same kind of thing once already.

Everyday I get more and more disturbed at the things I see in this country. The degradation of our heritage, our history, our freedoms, our liberties is becoming an all to common practice. Some people seem to be ignoring it, others are embracing it, and than there are real Americans who are mad as hell and are fighting this destruction tooth and nail. They are Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Party protesters, and others of the mind set that America is great because of where it came from, as well as where it is going. The other side of the aisle believe America is a cesspool of wrong ideas because of it's past, and they want to change our future to suit their socialist Utopian ideals.

If this makes you as angry as it made me, please repost this on your Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter accounts. I would really love for this story to be widely available so we can inform as many people as possible about how bad it really is in this country.

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