TeaParty Crashers may Sabotage Tax Day

So Tomorrow is April 15th, and there are around 650 Tea Party protests scheduled for "Tax Day". The final day of the "Tea Party Express" will end at a rally in the nations capital. This grassroots phenomenon that is sweeping the country has some left-wing extremists very riled up and they plan to take action. The website Crash the Tea Party is inviting people to show up and disrupt the tea party protests. There is even subtle hinting that if someone portrays themselves as a racist,homophobic tea partyer than it may just be one of the Crash the Tea Party people that is responsible.

Very few media outlets have given this much coverage, and the Whitehouse is ignoring it completely. This is nothing new and not the least bit surprising. Tea Party organizers have been on Fox news and talking on the blogs saying that they are not the least bit worried about 'moon bat' leftists invading their gatherings. Some have even invited them to show up.

From the Examiner:

A new activist group, Crash The Tea Party, has sprung up on the web with the sole intention of “dismantling and demolishing” the entire tea party movement. Crash’s mission statement goes on to explain “our goal is to derail the fake Tea party movement by crashing the party and highlighting the absurdity of them.” Crash repeatedly refers to tea party supporters as “racists, morons and homophobes.”

Although Crash’s website states that they will take down the tea party “by any non-violent means necessary”, the anonymous founder of the group (known as the “Mad Hatter” or Twitter name “tpartycrasher”) tweeted this on April 8th:

“When Glenn Beck dies, I plan to pour a pint of whiskey on his grave. I hope he doesn't mind if I run it through my kidneys first!!!.”

Wow. Now there are some real peace loving people. The lies are finally exposed. The left is not about peace and love, and one-world harmony like they would have you think. They are straight up socialists and anarchists who are willing to do whatever it takes to destroy their enemies. Namely conservative thinking people. The beating in New Orleans is a prime example of the love they are sharing with the world. If you are reading this and you are someone who cares about this country please do me a favor. Go to a tea party website. Write something nice in their forums. Tell them that you believe in them. Donate money to the cause if you have the means, and most of all if there is a Tea Party coming to your area go and show your support.

This movement is not just about taxes, and health care reform, it is about the very survival of the United States of America. Yeah, I know that sounds drastic, but if I don't start taking this seriously, it may be too late by the time I do. Our freedoms are slowly being ripped from us, but so subtly that we are to busy to notice it. The health care bill is only one small piece of the ever growing puzzle of Socialism's encroachment in America. Now is the time for real concerned citizens to get involved and make a stand. Look, it may seem like a lot to ask, but seriously, take a little time out of your busy day and give a damn about something. It's actually quite fun and you might meet some interesting people.

One more thing. If there are no Tea Party events or organizations in your area, why not start one? You'd be surprised just how many people are interested in the Tea Party movement from big cities to small towns, Tea Party's are popping up everywhere. So come on, get involved, help make a difference. Let's kick the bums out in November and get our country back. We still have to contend with Lord Obama of Lala Land, but if we cut off it's arms(The House and the Senate) The reptile will be able to do nothing but hiss.

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