Democrats continue lies about Tea Party Protesters.

The Democrats continue their campaign of outright lies against Tea Party members. On the heels of the news that (unsubstantiated) racial slurs were slung at black members of Congress by Tea Party members Rep. Steve Cohen accused Tea Party members of having shown a "hardcore angry side" of the country, only "without robes and hoods."

This latest attack, just like the others is a smoke screen for the fact that anyone with an internet connection can show you only a few isolated incidents involving anything even remotely mean being said by Tea Party members and days worth of footage of so-called peace protesters, environmental groups, college groups, etc committing acts of vandalism, assault, and just plain making a nuisance of themselves every chance they can get.

Bob Parks, on his youtube channel for the website "Black and Right" posted this video showing footage of Tea Party protesters being quite reasonable juxtaposed with footage of liberal and anti-establishment groups committing all sorts of violent and disturbing acts including assaulting a member of the group "Protest Warrior" as he tried to march along side 'peace' protesters.

Let's face facts. The Democrats are desperate. They are losing their voter base rapidly. In-fighting is threatening to tear them apart, and their hopes of maintaining control of the House and Senate look abysmal. Their silence on threats against Republicans while they bantered loudly about the threats they received following the passing of the health care bill recently shows they are trying to look like the victims. Even after it was discovered some of the violence against Democratic offices(Offices that were empty.) was committed by their own people. Sounds like a set-up to me.

As the left moves farther, well, left. We will see just how much of their base they will be able to maintain. The people in my circle of friends, even those who are liberal all seem to be upset at the "Obamacare" bill. Nobody seems to appreciate the idea of being forced to do things by the federal government. The backlash in November will be swift, and devastating. My greatest hope is that the fresh crop of conservative leaders running in the upcoming elections are true Conservatives and not the Neo-Cons that are plaguing Washington, DC right now.

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