Scientology Defectors out church as scam

In what can only be described as "not news" here is another story of long time Scientologists leaving the church and outing it for it's deceptive and abusive practices. NYTimes Article

I for one have a really difficult time understanding how people can be that gullible. So far every  time I have seen a Scientologist on television my spidey-senses start going berserko-ballistic. These people are fucking creepy. It doesn't help to have Tom Cruise on your payroll, he's a complete loon when he isn't acting for a movie. John Travolta is only slightly less ridiculous, but both of them show their true colors whenever the anti-Scientology crowd shows up at one of their events. The Xenu folks love to harass Scientologists. Can you blame them?

I have seen numerous videos in which a very agitated Tom Cruise or John Travolta refuse to leave the building they are in until someone removes the Xenu people from their presence. Seriously? What? Are you scared of them? Aren't you a good Scientologist? Don't you have an answer for every thing they could possibly say to you? No? Well then. I guess you both are just whiny little sissies who need to grow a pair or just stay indoors where it's safe.

The Church of Scientology has had a long and sordid history. Horror stories from former members abound. Allegations of intimidation, murder, torture, starvation, and reports of Tax fraud  are just some of the fun stuff you hear. Wow, this church sounds awesome! I would love me some of that kind of abuse! Let me go put on my gimp gear and grab a bottle of lotion. I'm Ready!

This latest New York Times article is no different. Allegations of being worked like slave laborers making wages that sweat-shop employees would laugh at, being shunned by family members, forced abortions, and a host of other assorted claims of abuse.

Amidst all this controversy the church is spending obscene amounts of money on new and remodeled buildings and even a 380,000 sq. foot convention center. Oddly enough reports from various sources claim that the churches numbers have actually dropped by half in the last decade.
Who are they spending this for? Their non-existent members?

It's not hard to see why people generally laugh at Scientology as a whole and take frequent pot-shots and celebs like Cruise and Travolta who, for all their acting ability, can't see a scam when it hits them in the face. It could be very soon that this church goes the way of the do-do or worse, gets reincarnated as something even more ridiculous and sinister.

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