RINO's may ruin November Elections.

Grand National Republican Banner 1880 Textile
Image by Cornell University Library via Flickr
The November elections could see the Republicans taking back control in Washington, but I now have my doubts that it will be for the better. In the last few months many Republicans have been showing their true colors and frankly there are far to many RINO's in Washington for my taste.

While it's clear the Republican's are against Obama's ridiculous health care proposal, some are just too soft in their fight against the onslaught of Socialist policies that are permeating the floor of the House and Senate.

Worse still are Republican leaders like Michael Steele and Mitch McConnell who, instead of defending their party are now spending most of their time apologizing for it. The "Evil Empire" cartoon that cropped up recently is a prime example.

There was nothing about this that was beyond the normal satire you can find in any local newspaper or the Washington Post, or the New York times, etc. Yet, because of it's attachment to an organized Republican event, the Democrats and the media jumped all over it.

It was barely newsworthy, yet it continues to make it's rounds on the internet as leftist bloggers and the MSM have a field day with this overblown bit of cartoon humor.

Steele and McConnell had a real opportunity to state the facts and play down this nonsensical attack by the left. They chose instead to apologize and even criticize their party members for this innocuous bit of political satire.

Newt Gingrich is maintaining his sacred status as a 'true conservative' despite his recent ties with Dede Scozzafava and Montana democrat Brian Schweitzer. In defense of Mr. Gingrich, Brian Schweitzer's record shows he has quite a lot in common with conservative values and has shown his support for America, and American businesses when it counted.

He signed legislation exempting guns made in his state from federal gun laws, he went against his own party after the now government controlled GM canceled a contract with Montana for mining minerals such as Palladium, Platinum, and Rhodium citing the fact that the only other places to get these minerals is South Africa and Russia. Newt Gets a pass for now.

At least five Republicans voted with Dennis Kucinich on a bill that would force America to leave Afghanistan in 30 days of it's signing. There's at least five Republicans who will never get my vote. Just like Vietnam, where in the midst of America's struggle to keep the people of South Vietnam free of the invading North Vietnamese communists, the Democrats and the hippies made so much of a stink, and on the heels of the Watergate scandal we pulled out of Vietnam.

Gerald Ford, despite being a Republican did little to strengthen our economy and we continued to decline through the 1970's until a real conservative Ronald Wilson Reagan stepped up to the plate and got us back on track.

Conservative talk show hosts whom I have respected for years are even starting to lose their minds. Sean Hannity is hawking Dinty Moore beef stew on his show and showing open hostility to conservative callers who don't mimic his ideas exactly or dare criticize any republican he deems to be a sacred cow.

I hate seeing the party fall apart again on the heels of strong victories in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts, but unless we start getting some real conservatives stepping up to the plate and playing real hard ball with the Democrats it will be an anti-climactic November and we will have to endure more nonsense from the Obama administration and his new and exciting brand of Socialism.

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