Vanity Fair proclaims: Hollywood is for white girls!

Vanity Fair, a magazine that puts a lot of effort in to being an authority on Hollywood has decided that Hollywood is ready for white supremacy. Come again? This years "New Hollywood" edition of the popular magazine features a bevy of beautiful, young, up and coming starlets. The feature which is somewhat of a staple for the mag, usually has a pretty diverse collection of new talent. This year however, something went terribly, terribly wrong.

Vanity Fair New Hollywood 2010
Vanity Fair has come to a pretty startling conclusion. That the future of Hollywood rests solely in the hands of emaciated white girls. These girls are white like Barry White isn't. Unless you're willing to concede that the one redhead in this photo constitutes diversity. I'm sure the writers and editors must have been racking their brains trying to come up with any actresses of color. The severe lack of black, Asian, and Latino actresses must have been such a burden for their minds to comprehend. Where are these diverse actresses?

Leaving out any huge stars who are already a-listers here's a list of some of these elusive actressses of color.
Jaden Smith ,Freida Pinto,Zoe Saldana, Gabourey Sidibe, Devon Aoki, Maggie Q, Kristin Kreuk, Melonie Diaz, Karen Olivo. Whew, that was an exhausting 3 1/3 minutes of research to find those names. I feel sorry for those folks at Vanity Fair, they have their work cut out for them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the girls they did pick. Some of these women are incredibly beautiful, and some are wickedly talented, but the fact still remains they are all blindingly white. I find it impossible that someone at Vanity Fair could have dropped the ball in such a way as to make this EPIC FAIL of an issue of such an esteemed magazine. This story is already all over the internet and I feel like the tortoise for not getting this article out before 9 in the morning.
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