UN Climate Panel uses student essay and magazine article as part of climate change report.

The UN climate change panel based it's information for a section of it's published work on the ice disappearing from the worlds mountaintops on a student essay and an article in a mountaineering magazine. Now that's hard scientific fact finding right there.
So a geography student and observation from climbers published in a mountain climbing magazine somehow constitute solid, factual information about global warming. Remember, this is the same group whose data is used time and again to fuel the presidents propaganda to garner support for tax and cap schemes, forcing car manufacturers to produce hybrid cars that aren't selling and people don't want, impose new taxes and regulations on businesses.

The UN's climate data is supposed to represent the most comprehensive information on the subject from a plethora of organizations and collated and checked by the worlds best minds on the subject of global climate change. For years the Democrats have used data from the UN and the University of East Anglia(ClimateGate) as the basis for their whining about global warming. Al Gore is using this bogus data along with his bogus movie "An Inconvenient Truth" to get people to buy into 'Green' companies. These so called 'green' companies are selling products to help people and business overcome environmental problems that no can prove exists. This amounts to nothing more than modern day 'snake-oil salesmen' using the power of the imperial federal government of the United States to fund their scams, and scare the American people in to giving them more control over us.

This new information simply accentuates the already huge mole on the face of the Global Warming conspiracy the Democrats and the socialist hippies are forcing down the throats of the American People. It should have been apparent from the debacle in Copenhagen that this is all a sad joke. Anti-capitalist terror organizations, socialist support groups, and a host of other anti-democratic/free market movements flocked to Copenhagen to spread the word about their cause. It was the Woodstock of the Anarchists, the Monterey Pops Festival of the Anti-Capitalists. The....you get the idea.

America is under siege from a threat worse than Nuclear Arsenals, Al-Qaeda, or even Communism. No The US of A is being targeted by mentally unstable lunatics who want to use government taxation and regulation to 'control the weather' so to speak. We have a president who fully supports these initiatives and has still found the time to campaign for nuclear energy. Nuclear Energy!?! Wasn't this the thing the Democrats used to hate because it's deadly, unsafe, and all that nuclear waste! Now, Obama is stepping on toes in his attempt to reach across the aisle and get the Republicans to support his energy initiatives.  The president has no backbone. He is a spineless puppet who bows and kowtows and just plain makes an ass of himself everywhere he goes. He looks like Howdy Doody in blackface. Oh wait, that might be a racist thing to say. So let me just apologize to Howdy Doody fans worldwide for making fun of their wooden Aryan little buddy.

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