Sarah Palin called"Merchant of Hate" after Tea Party convention speech.

The comments from liberal news organizations after Sarah Palin made her speech at the Tea Party convention she attended are beyond hate filled.. Articles from many online news organizations claiming that she is part of a desperate Republican movement to solidify their crumbling base and her Tea Party affiliation is just another ploy by the Palin camp to bolster her dying career. If you think the internet community of bloggers and amateur journalists comments are bad, the response from the MSM is just plain sickening here is a little taste.

BILL PRESS: "We were interested in what you get for $100,000. Not much, is I'd have to say, you know. If I paid her that, I'd want my money back.
BOB SHRUM: "What we heard tonight was more a masterful exercise - masterful - in paranoid politics. I mean, she came across to me as a merchant of hate with an oh gosh smile..."

RACHEL MADDOW: Tom Tancredo who started the event off with ... a big loud racist bang ... So the convention opened with a clarion call to bring back the literacy tests for voting. And as you could hear, the tea party convention crowd erupted in cheers at the suggestion, although, to be fair, it was sort of hard to tell exactly what the sounds coming from the crowd meant. They were sort of a little bit muffled by, you know, the white hoods.

The real desperation is obvious. The media and the Democrats are scared. Really scared. After devastating losses in Virginia, New Jersey, and the Senate win for Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the loss of Chris Dodd, Byron Dorgan and Governor Bill Ritter who will not be seeking re-election for their respective posts this year.
Preliminary poll numbers show Republicans edging out their democratic rivals in many states. While these numbers don't mean much now with the election still 9+ months away it does give the Republicans the look of being revitalized and ready to tear down the Obama Administration before it's socialist policies destroy the country.

Beyond the desperation in the voices of these people is the hypocrisy of their statements. Palin being referred to as a "Merchant of Hate" Than to have Rachel Maddow ignorantly call the Tea Party convention audience racist KKK members without any proof is just despicable. Beyond the mentally deficient smile of Keith Olbermann and his bile spewing nonsense that is somehow still on the air, we have his even dumber, lesbian rugby player half-sister Rachel Maddow. No they aren't really related, but they could easily pass as siblings.  Maddow is a sexless robot with a mannish voice and and a face so rugged as to make Dolph Lundgren look like a Ford fashion model.

These immoral clowns will do anything to make their opponents look bad, so I don't feel the least bit ironic for laying the hate right back at them. Sarah Palin is a wonderful women and history will prove it, mark my words. The Democrats are going to lose big in 2010, and in 2012 we may see newcomers like Sarah Palin and Gov. Bobby Jindal battle it out for the White house. Perhaps they can run together and we can have a truly historic election. the first Women president, and the first Indian vice-president.
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