Binghamton University Professor Richard Antoun Stabbed to death by a Saudi graduate Student.

BU professor Emeritus Richard Antoun was stabbed to death by  graduate student Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani.
Antoun was a professor of Middle Eastern Studies. His work focused on bridging the divide between religions and cultures, particularly in the Middle East. Mr. Antoun was “a sociocultural anthropologist who has conducted research among peasants in Jordan, urbanites in Lebanon, peasant-farmers in Iran, and migrants in Texas and Greece,”(Binghamton University website). Antoun's widow Roz(Rosalyn), is an employee of the Jewish Federation.

So far there appears to be no motivation for this attack. Al-Zahrani's roommates said he was confrontational at times, he would yell and make strange statements such as “I just feel like destroying the world." Souleymane "Jules" Sakho a Christian converted from Islam, was confronted by Al-Zahrani about his conversion from Islam. "I refused to discuss it with him," Sakho said. Sakho also said that Al-Zahrani attacked him with a knife and "acted like a terrorist." According to Sukho, al-Zahrani claimed there were students spying on him and he was being persecuted because he was Muslim.

According to the Worcester, MA Telegram & Gazzette Mr. Antoun had written six books focusing on the Middle East, and spent much of his long career educating people about the region and its people. His 2001 book, “Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Muslim and Jewish Movements,” was particularly timely, coming out just before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. He retired from teaching at Binghamton University in 1999, but remained active on campus and within the anthropology department. 

A man, who from what I can gather is Jewish or at least has a strong affinity for the Jewish people was brutally stabbed to death by a Muslim from Saudi Arabia(The same country that spawned some of the 9/11 hijackers along with United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and Egypt)and no one dares to say that this might have been motivated by something more than your average suburbanite rage?? Even Michelle Malkin who posted the reprinted article from the Telegram & Gazette said nothing to suggest that this might have been a hate crime.

Ok than, I'll say it. this was a hate crime. The man was a very pissed off follower of the "Religion of Peace", he was not a little white girl, or a black man, or a Jewish fundamentalist, or a Hispanic, or an Asian, he was a Muslim. When it becomes a daily event that thousands of people are killed by pretty blond girls from Iceland than I will say that the terrorists are from Iceland.  But with the exception of the Uni-Bomber of Timothy McVeigh all of the terrorist attacks against America and American interests abroad have come from Muslims.

To be fair, I'm sure that not all Muslims are thinking about Jihad right now, but the unfortunate thing is the evidence suggests that far too many of them are. The sheer amount of empirical evidence that is available that shows the indoctrination of children into the wonderful world and jihad and suicide bombing is overwhelming. Anti-Jewish sentiment is being broadcast by young boys and girls through television sets throughout the Middle-East and yet we continue to hear that it is only a very small number of Muslims who are radicalized.

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