Nancy Pelosi claims GOP has hijacked the Tea Party movement

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at it again. She is again questioning the validity of the "Tea-Party" movement, and whether it is a true 'grass-roots' movement or just a front put up by the Republicans to push their agenda.

Pelosi has called tea party voters the "astroturf" movement. Many claim that they are heavily funded by the GOP and other conservative groups. I for one have reviewed hours of video from around the internet and it is clear that the only funded group out there are the pro-Obamacare leftists that show up to protest the "Tea-Party" members.  Conservative protesters with hand made signs usually magic-marker on poster board are met with professionally printed signs and 'paid' protesters bussed in for the event.(ACORN was behind quite a few of these organized protests.)
She doesn't think they are all bad though. She claims that she, like the "Tea-Party" protesters both have a disdain for special interests in Washington. Also, the Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance that allows companies and unions to spend freely on ads that promote particular candidates. If you believe that, than I have a bridge I want to sell you. The Democrats have consistently buddied up to all sorts of lobbying and special interest groups. President Obama even promised no special interest groups or lobbyists in his organization, than he went and hired some anyways.

This type of comment by Speaker Pelosi is just another attempt to slow down the bullet train that is the new conservative movement in this country. For months these so-called "Tea-Parties" have been a popular fixture all across America. The recent upsets in Virginia and New Jersey, and the devastating defeat in Massachusetts that left Democrats short a seat in the Senate. Despite heavy criticism from Hollywood, television, the MSM, and the Democrats, Sarah Palin is becoming more and more popular among conservatives. Her book "Going Rogue" Has sold over 500,000 copies with a second-run of the books published in November of 2009 to make a grand total of 1.6 million hardcover copies of the book in-print.
She is currently #158 on Amazon beating out veterans like Glenn Beck,Bill O'Reilly and Mark Levin.

Democrats are starting to get worried. More senators and congressmen from the left are retiring or not seeking re-election in November. While a fresh batch of young, up and coming conservative voices are hitting the campaign trail. Some of these up-starts could turn the tables in predominantly Liberal states like California and Washington. If the Republicans win big in November it could put an end to the Democrats insane policy schemes in Washington(D.C.). This could help keep their momentum going for the 2012 elections and a conservative presidential win.

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